Mix Dawn with vinegar and bleach

If you have a dark pen or paint stain in white, dab Dawn on it, soak the spot in vinegar, then bleach it in the wash. Get tutorial here

Soak that oil paint stain in alcohol

Simply using rubbing alcohol on your paint stains is always a winner. Create a small puddle above the stain & soak for 30 seconds. Get tutorial here

Drop glassware in a sealed bowl of water

Need to get paint off of glass? Soak the glass in a bowl of water and seal it with a plastic bag. Nifty! Get tutorial here

Rub walnut over a pesky wood scratch

No kidding, this is an age old remedy for scratched wood furniture. Crack a walnut open and use the fresh walnut oil to rub over the scratch. Get tutorial here

Use a baking soda paste for scratched dishes

China or silverware scratched? Grab a microfiber cloth, baking soda mixed with a few droplets of water and voila! Get tutorial here

Grab some Palmolive for paint stained hands

When you’ve just finished a paint job and it’s leaked through your gloves, grab Palmolive and a scrubbing brush. Get tutorial here

Or add some oil to it

Dish soap + oil really gets rid of oil based paint stains on your hands. Who knew!? Get tutorial here

Use a heat gun and Citristrip

For hard to reach corners in wood furniture apply Citristrip and a heat gun to remove paint stains (Patricia). Get tutorial here

Apply olive oil and vinegar to scratches

If you’ve got scratched furniture all you’ll need is olive oil and vinegar. So easy. Get tutorial here

Iron a vinegar soaked rag over a carpet stain

Paint on your carpet? Ugh, no. We got you. Iron, water, vinegar and a rag. Voila! Gone. Get tutorial here

Mix baking soda & vinegar for sink stains

Cast iron sink with heavy paint stains? Cover it in baking soda, scrub, then go over it again with a vinegar & baking soda paste. Get tutorial here