Day 1: Create your own reusable dryer sheets

If you have sponges, you can create dryer sheets that will work over and over again! Get tutorial here

Day 3: Bag oven grates for an easy solution

Grab a gallon bag, ammonia, and those grimy grates for an easy overnight clean up plan. Get tutorial here

Day 4: Mix up tablets for a cleaner toilet

Mix up your own batch, so you can just drop a tablet in the toilet whenever it needs refreshing. Get tutorial here

Day 5: Spray the soap scum off shower doors

Use your own powerful mixture of household green cleaners to banish that soap scum. Get tutorial here

Day 6: Wash rust stain with hydrogen peroxide

If nothing else gets rid of that ugly brownish rust stain in the tub, try hydrogen peroxide! Get tutorial here

Day 7: Clean windows with dish soap

Get that dust and smudge build-up off your window completely, using dish soap and a squeegee. Get tutorial here

Day 8: Scrub grimy grout with a toothbrush

To get the grout sparkling, take to the floor & scrub it with a toothbrush. The shine is worth it! Get tutorial here

Day 9: Make a mattress cleaning mix

Spray your stained or smelly mattresses with this refreshing mixture and watch messes fade. Get tutorial here

Day 10: Soak oven racks in fabric softener

It's tough to get those racks truly clean, which is why you might want to try this bath idea! Get tutorial here

Day 11: Soak hard water stains with vinegar

Wrap your gritty faucets in vinegar soaked paper towels and watch the build-up vanish. Get tutorial here

Day 12: Steam & disinfect your microwave

Using a few natural cleaning materials, steam clean your microwave with minimal scrubbing. Get tutorial here

Day 13: Deep clean your dishwasher pipes

Clean the pipes and vents of your dishwasher so that it runs better & keeps dishes cleaner. Get tutorial here

Day 14: Clean your washer racks and interior

Add a DIY cleaning powder to your dishwasher so it cleans itself and gets your dishes cleaner. Get tutorial here

Day 15: Clean vinyl siding (& up curb appeal)

Your home exterior got a lot of wear and tear this year, so treat it to a deep cleanse. Get tutorial here

Day 16: Remove nasty caulk and grout

If your caulk is getting crumbly or moldy, scrape it away and replace it with a bright new layer. Get tutorial here

Day 17: Get scratches out of a porcelain sink

Put the shine back in your porcelain sink by rubbing away those scratches and marks. Get tutorial here

Day 18: Mix up a DIY odor absorber

Get a fresh smell in your home with this easy odor absorber in a jar. Get tutorial here

Day 19: Clean out all your drains

Even if nothing is clogged yet, try a preemptive drain cleaning and avoid that whole mess. Get tutorial here

Day 20: Wash and whiten the all your pillows

Take every pillow from every bed and add it to the machine for a refreshing wash. Get tutorial here

Day 21: Remove rust marks on metal utensils

If you're favorite knife is starting to look like this, bring back the shine! Get tutorial here

Day 22: Add shelf liners to your fridge

Liners will make it so much easier to keep your fridge shelves clean in the future. Get tutorial here

Day 23: Polish your silver (in seconds)

This silver polishing trick is a must. Give the silver a bath in a foil lined sink - voila! Get tutorial here

Day 24: Wake up your microfiber couch

Microfiber furniture can get marked and streaked with all sorts of things. Here's how to clean that: Get tutorial here

Day 25: Make your stovetop sparkle again

There are a couple ways to clean a dirty stovetop - here are a few of our tried-and-true favorites! Get tutorial here

Day 26: Try a DIY deodorizing carpet powder

Cleaning the carpet definitely belongs on this list, but how to keep it fresh? This! Get tutorial here

Day 27: Bring order to under the sink spaces

Instead of cramming everything down there, bring order to the space and simplify your life. Get tutorial here

Day 28: Organize the linen closet efficiently

Make your linen closet an organized space that actually helps you function, like this. Get tutorial here

Day 29: Clean your baseboards in a flash

As you clean the floor, drag your mop along the baseboards and cross this one off your list! Get tutorial here

Day 30: Shine your stainless steel appliances

Give your stainless steel pieces a bright sheen using this clever blogger trick. Get tutorial here

Day 31: Vacuum your carpet the right way

Vacuuming is kind of an art form. Learn this technique for your best deep clean yet! Get tutorial here