How do I get inside car windows clean?

by Barbara

I have tried many things to clean the windows, only making them worse. A garage said they could get them. After working for an hour they were still the same. Please help.

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 13, 2019

    Did you try a light spray of water and a microfiber cloth? That works for me. Try little spots with ammonia water to see if that will clean it. You could try vinegar water also. Just try spots to see if they work, that way you are finding out right away instead of doing the whole windshield to no avail. If nothing works, perhaps there is something wrong with the surface of the windshield, in that case, go to a place that works with replacing windshields and they may have something that works, if not, they could contact your insurance company about replacing it due to safety issues with not being able to clean them so that the glass is clear.

    • Barbara Barbara on Jan 13, 2019

      Thank you Nancy. My windshield was replaced two years ago. I have tried everything you have suggested.

  • William William on Jan 13, 2019

    I use windshield washer fluid.

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Jan 13, 2019

    Is there a tinted film on them? What caused the grime that normal cleaning won't fix?

    • Barbara Barbara on Jan 14, 2019

      No tinted film. Do not know what caused it. My car is 15 years old and windows are always closed. New windshield two years ago.

      Thank you Kelli

  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Jan 13, 2019

    Hi Barbara, sorry you are having a problem cleaning the inside of your car windows. I have had the same problem and it is very frustrating. Hope this will help you.



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    How to Super Clean the INSIDE of Your Windshield (No Streaks ...

    • Barbara Barbara on Jan 14, 2019

      This sounds like it will work. I will definately try it.

      Thank you Peggy.