CONCLUSION OF Follow-Up Halloween Decor (Part 4 of 4)

As promised in TLLG's posting yesterday (@ ) here on HT, I'm bringing you the conclusion of my four part series that showcases the characters who are visiting me for Halloween.

While the characters that I am discussing today are from GROUP D, who lost all of the coin tosses held for the ordering of how Mr. Moon-In-The-Man* and I would feature each group of characters in my succulent garden, they are a vital part of the ambience as you will see upon viewing this post.

Because this post is being written on October 29th, which is also Cat Appreciation Day, I will begin with solo photo-ops of a Halloween loving character who is dressed as a cat. She can be seen in images one through four. In image five she can be seen with the rest of GROUP D as they await their turn to visit the succulent garden, which Miss MEOW ultimately did today (as seen in image six).

In the garden her attention was on the camera and not the nearby succulent; and in the aforementioned GROUP D image, she also had her attention on the camera: not the juggler to whom which her peers gave their full attention.

Be that as it may, the juggler of pumpkins was too focused on what he was doing to worry about Miss MEOW's diverted attention and you can find solo photo-ops of the juggler in the armoire in images (seen through nine) as well as in my succulent garden (image ten).

Getting back to the group shot, directly to the left is a very unassuming trick-or-treater dressed a witch. She is partially obscured by another group member (as in Mr. Green Boy) but her solo photo-ops can be seen in images eleven through thirteen and in the image of her in my garden alongside the passiflora (image fourteen) she is also obstructed; or, perhaps in both instances (the group shot and the garden shot) she is being camera shy, unlike Miss MEOW.

Whether Mr. Green Boy is blocking the little witch in the photo-op of GROUP D or whether she is hiding is something that they are not telling me but in any event, solo photos of Mr. Green Boy can be found in images fifteen through eighteen, while image nineteen features him enjoying the succulent garden.

Directly behind Mr. Green Boy is a MOM-AH WITCH carrying her child's doll and her photo-ops are included in pictures twenty through twenty-two (armoire) and twenty-three (succulent garden).

To the immediate left of MOM-AH witch, is sweet Little Miss BOO who ALWAYS finds a maternal figure to stand beside. Miss BOO's pictures are seen in images twenty-four through twenty-seven (armoire) and twenty-eight succulent garden.
AND, last but not least, is the little character dressed as a turkey (pictures twenty-nine through thirty-one); however, he needs to be careful not to be mistaken for the real thing since Thanksgiving is next month!

At the moment he is too focused on what he is eating for Halloween and not a fear of being eaten for Thanksgiving as evidenced by him insisting on two garden photo-ops (thirty-two and thirty-three) when everyone else only had one picture taken in the garden.
Be that as it may, the turkey is safe with me since I don't eat fowl! Meanwhile, with his costume geared towards the next holiday, I'll end my series of Halloween decor in a living space but I'll be back soon as ANOTHER of cast of characters is waiting to be heard for the next round of holidays!

** INFO @
Miss MEOW View One
Miss MEOW View Two
Miss MEOW View Three
Miss MEOW View Four
GROUP D: A VERRRRRY similar image appered on HT both 10-21 and 10-28 of 2013. INFO @
The JUGGLER View Three
The JUGGLER View Two
The JUGGLER View One
Trick-OR-Treater Witch View Three
Trick-OR-Treater Witch View Two
Trick-OR-Treater Witch View One
The Trick-OR-Treater dressed as a witch hides behind the with PASSIFLORA in my SUCCULENT GARDEN
Mr. Green Boy View One
Mr. Green Boy View Three
Mr. Green Boy View Four
Mr. Green Boy View Two
Mr. Green Boy enjoys being in my SUCCULENT GARDEN (and the succulents like him too)!
MOM-AH Witch View One
MOM-AH Witch View Two
MOM-AH Witch View Three
Miss BOO Witch View One
Miss BOO Witch View Two
Miss BOO Witch View Three
Miss BOO Witch View Four
Miss BOO in awe of a grouping of plants in my SUCCULENT GARDEN.
GOBBLE, GOBBLE (That's Turkey Talk for TRICK-OR-TREAT). View One.
GOBBLE, GOBBLE (That's Turkey Talk for TRICK-OR-TREAT). View Two.
GOBBLE, GOBBLE (That's Turkey Talk for TRICK-OR-TREAT). View Three.
Dressed as a turkey a trick-OR- treater enjoys being with succulents. VIEW ONE.
Dressed as a turkey a trick-OR- treater enjoys being with succulents. VIEW TWO.
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