Scrap Book Cabinet Made Pallets and Other Wood

Stephanie Daft Parker
by Stephanie Daft Parker
a friend of my cousin, sent me a message wanting to know if I could help her save some money and make something for her that she really wanted....a scrap booking cabinet, with adjustable shelves and a folding table to keep all of her supplies in and have a work station. I told her i would try, she thinks it looks great and is very happy with the outcome, as am I
the front of the cabinet
side view
doors open flush to the cabinet for maximum access to the shelves and table.
table is up and ready for work
this is the picture she sent me and asked me to do for her. besides the velcro on the doors (which she preferred not doing) i think i came pretty close to this. after looking up this cabinet on amazon the cost of this cabinet on sale was 995.00, the cabinet i was able to make will only cost her 450.00. she chose to pay my rate for my time and any other items that i would need to buy in order to get the job done.
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  • Christine Christine on Jun 18, 2014
    Really nice! Quite inventive. What did you use to seal the wood? And did you stain any? I love the colorations. And, did you create the plan yourself? Just curious about the latter.

  • Stephanie Daft Parker Stephanie Daft Parker on Jun 18, 2014
    Thanks! No I didn't do anything to the wood, she didn't want to pay for me doing it, and has plans to do that herself. I wanted to get pictures of the piece before she took it home. As for a plan she gave me the dimensions she wanted and I just looked at the picture she have me to recreate the cabinet as close as I could