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Louise Biernesser
by Louise Biernesser
3 Days
I wanted a place to do all my crafting.... I was thinking a shed/cottage type building since we have an acre lot. Hubby came up with a using part of our three car garage. No need to build a building and then have it wired it for electrical etc. We did this in less than a week - actually a couple hours a day. Since I could not find used base cabinets, we purchased unfinished oak ones. We stained the bottom with a yellowish white stain. Instead of buying a counter top (for me to mess up with glue, paint and who knows what), we bought a sheet of plywood. We stained the plywood with a chestnut finish.
Now here's the catch.... I want to add additional cabinets in our kitchen to store all those expensive appliances and don't want to pay an arm & a leg.... Our existing cabinets are dark, which I don't like, so I'd like to do this (without the plywood tops) in our kitchen. These would be in the breakfast area that joins the kitchen. We plan on a narrow island and shallow cabinets. Since I will be baking quite a bit, any ideas for counter tops, especially on the island? I would like the tops to match the existing dark cabinets to tie it all together....
Three cabinets on the front and three on the back. We decided to use the side for storage as well.
These are the sides. We decided to use these to organize my paints. They use to be in a box and it was a pain!
another view of the side. This is a where the two cabinets butt up against each other
The plywood top - we bought some edging and finished it to match. Look at the messy shelf in the background... We are making ribbon holders out of PVC pipe and dowels to hang for easy access.
Not to be selfish, we did one Hubby one to use (not for crafts)
Different edging.. I sanded the corner of each opposing piece to make it match.
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  • Louise Biernesser Louise Biernesser on Jan 17, 2014
    Roanna, our garage is attached to the house but it's not insulated. Fortunately, we live in NW Florida, so most of the year it's not too cold. As I type this, it feels like I'm lying because this year we've hit record lows.. uurrgghh On a better note - it wasn't hard to do at all; if I can do then ANYONE can do it!!!!

  • Cathy Becker Cathy Becker on Jul 30, 2014
    I wish I had a place like that. I will work on it...