A 5-Minute/$5 Magical Bath Rehab

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
2 Materials
5 Minutes

The house was sparkly, decorated to the max. The family was excited for the Holidays, they could barely relax. But Oh My, the Bathroom, Tired but Clean. It needs a bit of sparkle to complete the magical scene. With $5 and 5- minutes to spare. Check out the sparkle rehab! So easy. So fast. So Magical indeed!

Let's add some glitter, in brass bathroom hardware, for the Magical Show. Like the bit of jewelry sparkle to create a new look to a tired bath.

Mid-Century Style never looked so good, never gleamed so fine. A quick, simple order on Amazon, the hardware was mine.

Brushed Brass Hardware on Amazon... Here.

To fit any drawer, each hardware is packaged with 2 screws. In sturdy brushed brass, this rehab can't lose.

Measure twice, to fit the screw, in less than 5 minutes flat...we're almost done, who knew?

With a twist and a turn of the pliers, Mama went to work...replaced all the tired, old hardware, then turned with a jerk.

Everyday Pliers on Amazon... Here.

Country green glass knobs, dinged and wonky are gone. The bathroom rehab sparkles with 5 minutes to dawn.

Your eyes, oh will sparkle, with nary a care. Updated so easy, looking exquisite with new hardware, a pliers, and 5 minutes to spare!



With 5 minutes and $5 of jewelry hardware to make a Bathroom Rehab Shine!

Suggested materials:
  • Brushed Brass Hardware   (Amazon)
  • Pliers   (Amazon)
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