Lucky Locker Lucky Me Redo

by Ruth
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2 Hours

I have always wanted a set of lockers don’t ask me why I just thought they were a neat design element in a home. I had never had to opportunity to have them until my husband brought me some home. The only problem was half of one side was gone and it needed a leg. Apparently when they are put up on the wall connecting it to another set creates that,unfortunately I only got 3 lockers with an open side.

Locker with missing side

Here you see the side is missing. Which is an easy fix with 1/4 plywood I planned on painting anyway. The problem was the leg. In searching my husband garage and found a piece of corner metal.

Good guts just needed a little side help

I measured and cut a piece of plywood to cover open side. I had the plywood from a previous project.

Metal corner piece in place.

My husband helped me self tap screws into metal cabinet. Since the cabinet metal was so flimsy compared to my corner piece it took four hands to hold in place and help screws penetrate locker light weight metal. But it worked great. Once I screwed the plywood down it secured my leg even more.

Removed hardware

I removed all hardware and went to town. As I always do I use a dark paint as a primer on the plywood not to waste final color. So you see a gloss black that I wanted to use up and go back over with my flat black.

Red rust-oleum

My son talked into the red dots not sure how I feel about it, what is your thoughts?

Put hardware back on with red dots

The red dots give it a little character.

Flat black paint

I had purchased four cans of flat black at a yard sale this summer so the color was a no brainer. And just for the record it took all four cans and one can of half full gloss black for plywood side.

Finished plywood side

As you can see you can not even notice the plywood side.

Finished product

Well here you have it the finished product. Most people would throw it away not me. I love how it turned and will be scouting for some vintage locks. Hope you enjoy.

Suggested materials:
  • Road side free lockers   (Side of road)
  • Rust oleum red   (Hardware)
  • 1/4” plywood   (Hardware store left over previous project)
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