Caddy to Store My UnicornSPITgelstain

Cynthia Thibeault Bedard
by Cynthia Thibeault Bedard
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A quick and easy project to carry and store your UnicornSPITgelstain.
Sand and wipe down caddy with a damp cloth. Stain inside of caddy with color of your choice. Turn caddy on its side and dot with UnicornSPITgelstain full strength all over side. Mist work area with water. Using the side and palm of your hand swipe across caddy from right to left . This spreads the Spit over the wood. Repeat this step to all sides of caddy, including top. Wipe off your hand where necessary Let it dry completely. Spray several coats of an oil based clear gloss polyurethane
Suggested materials:
  • Caddy, UnicornSPITgelstain Sand Paper, Rags, Water bottle, Oil based polyurethane   (My grandson made me the Caddy)
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