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Who hasn't had a button pop at an inopportune time? Over the weekend when my own button popped I then had to search for the scissors, thread and sewing needle which were scattered around my craft studio. That night, I finished off a container of dental floss and had an epiphany: what if I made a portable sewing kit using the empty container? It already had a built in 'thread' cutter and I could store thread and a needle all in one convenient spot! First I peeled off the lable from the face of the container.
I reused the little tube that the dental floss was originally on by gluing a grommet to either end so I could wind some thread on it.
Only add small dots of glue to hold it on temporarily. If you add too much glue, it will be difficult to pry off later.
Once the grommet was glued, I wound on some black thread. The grommet keeps the thread from falling off the edges as it's being wound. After the thread is on the spindle, the grommet can be removed; it will interfere with the closing mechanism of the container if it's left on. The next step is to add a sewing needle to store with the thread; after all, it's not a kit without the needle. I cut a small piece of elastic - although you could also use a piece or ribbon or something similar. I added a dot of hot glue to one side of the container, turned the end of the elastic under and glued it into place. I then brought the elastic over to the other side, once again turning under the end, and secured it with another dot of glue.
Now I had something to attach the needle to so it wouldn't jiggle around the inside of the kit when it was stored - or fall out when it was opened!
After removing the grommet from both ends, I put the 'bobbin' on the spindle with the thread running counter clock-wise. I lined up the thread with the hole in the top of the container and snapped it shut.
All you have to do is pull and cut the tread the same way you would dental floss whenever you need it. When you're done sewing, just return the needle to the container and snap it shut again.
I printed out a lable to add to the front so you can't mistake its use! Now the next time a button pops, or a hem falters, I have a readily accessible kit ready to go! You could make a few kits up with different colour threads (at least black and white), or merely save the tubes and wind on different colour threads so they are interchangeable in the one kit.
Once the kit was done, I realized that it would be great to carry in a purse for minor sewing repairs on the fly. It would also make a great travel item. Airports don't allow scissors on board a plane, but I don't see why this little kit wouldn't be acceptable for air travel. However if you get stopped at airport security, you'll have to let me know!
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Suggested materials:
  • Dental floss   (Drugstore)
  • Thread   (Fabric store)
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  • Karen Karen on Jan 09, 2019

    Why didn't you just attach the needle to underside of the lid?

    This way you do not have to continuous have to open container, possibly losing your cutter.

    Also, wonder if you could sew with dental floss non flavored of course. Just a thought.

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  • Cocotel Cocotel on Apr 02, 2019

    I have used unwaxed dental floss for years as thread for certain things. In fact, the first time I used it was meant to be a temporary fix for my husband's sandal. We were on holidays and one of the flap closures on his sandal came apart. I sewed it with the lasted for years! I also use it to sew rips on our dog's toys - holds better than thread.

  • Michelle Michelle on Apr 14, 2020

    Great idea especially for travelling!