How And Why I Store My Sewing Thread Stash In Clear Glass Mason Jars

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I have a lot of spools of sewing thread. I came by this stash quite honestly. I have always been a sewer ever since I was a teenager. But more importantly my mother was a very talented and passionate seamstress. She was always sitting behind the sewing machine sewing dresses for me when I was a child and even doll clothes for my dolls and pyjamas for my teddy bears. She also sewed all of her own clothes and very rarely bought something new at the store. When Mom died about ten years ago I inherited all of her sewing supplies including her sewing thread collection.
At that time I tossed all of the spools of thread into a plastic bin and closed the lid. It was very disorganized making it difficult to find the thread colour I was looking for when I needed it and keep track of how many spools I had of each colour. The threads also would unravel and get tangled making a frustrating mess.
I decided to organize the spools of thread by colours and store them in covered 1-cup size mason jars for several reasons. The jars make it easy to see the thread colours and how many spools I have each one. The spools stay clean and dust free and the threads no longer get tangled. Thread is expensive! This storage system keeps it in good condition and I am honouring my Mom’s legacy by taking good care of it.
There is one more reason why I store my sewing thread stash in mason jars. I love how the filled jars look sitting on a desk or bookshelf stacked on top of each other. Who knew thread could look so pretty!
I also love how they look when stored in a drawer.
I made my own lids for each jar using black cardstock and decorating them with a strip of black coordinating washi tape. Then I labeled each black lid with the corresponding colour using a label maker.

I like this storage idea so much I plan to use these mason jars to store my smaller sewing supplies like sewing pins and safety pins!

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