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Nancy Ludwig
by Nancy Ludwig
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I love to make wedding pillows, which require a lot of lace. Straight lace is easy to fold and keep neat, but the gathered ones are unruly, twist around and get tangled up. I have kept them in sandwich bags to keep them from tangling up, but they still get wrinkled and have to be ironed out before I start sewing with them.
A tangled mess.
You simply need your lace, some saved TP Rolls and straight pins with large heads.
Tools of the trade they say.
Locate one end of the lace, then beginning at the bottom of a TP roll, wrap the lace by the band, overlapping at the beginning. Snuggly continue to wrap the lace up the roll until all of it is loaded.
The left roll is two and a half yards of short lace, the right one is two yards of longer lace. When you have finished wrapping the piece of lace, simply fasten it with the straight pin. I use the colored heads, because they show up easily. If you have a considerable amount of one lace, you can wrap back down the roll when you reach the top, or use paper towel rolls. For smaller pieces, I wrapped two or three onto one roll.
After about an hour in front of the TV, I am done. Now I know what color, size and styles I have. My mom used to use cardboard squares for her stash, that will work as well. I like the TP rolls because they keep the lace wrinkle free when you stand them up. I think I have more room for additional lace now.
Suggested materials:
  • My Lace   (Craft Room)
  • Empty TP rolls   (Recycled)
  • Colored, large headed straight pins   (Sewing supplies)
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  • Betsy Betsy on Mar 23, 2018

    O.k., annoyed my friends and neighbours for their tp tubes and just finished putting a bunch of lace on them, the tubes, not the friends and neighbours:) What a wonderful idea! This will save a lot of space and headache for the ladies who sew the lace on the little dresses.

  • Nancy Ludwig Nancy Ludwig on Mar 23, 2018

    Yay! I never thought to ask the neighbors, just started saving for months. LOL