Turn a Spaghetti Sauce Jar Into a Paint Brush Holder

Jordan Britt
by Jordan Britt
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Our craft cupboard isn't the most organized area of the office. Translation: we're craft hoarders.

We've been looking for something to use to hold our many many paintbrushes. At lunch someone noticed that the spaghetti sauce was pretty much empty. We put our craft caps on and decided that it would be great for holding those paint brushes!

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They there are. Lost, sad and without a home.
We started by thoroughly washing out the jar. Then start to peel as much of the label as you can get off.
For the remaining sticker bits left behind, we turned to our trusty Goo Gone.
One last scrub and it was spick and span.
We used a pink Sharpie paint pen and did our best calligraphy.
In our craft cabinet we realized we have these Dollar Store plastic gems. Perfect for being a base for the brushes! Pour them in your jar so they're about a quarter full.
Then just add your brushes in! Easy peasy and super cute and customized. This works great for our paint brushes, but it would be perfect on a vanity for makeup brushes too.

Hope you fellow craft hoarders find this useful! :)
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  • Cindy Childs Cindy Childs on Feb 22, 2019

    I bought two pretty ceramic pots from the dollar tree for this organization. I have acquired quite a few brushes. I am not willing to part with any of them. yet

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  • Barbara Rolfe Barbara Rolfe on Sep 27, 2017
    Good idea,When I buy cornstarch, Baking soda ,Bell's seasoning , that comes in a box I cut the label off and tape it on a jar,and put the contents in.I think it stays fresher longer.

  • Sarah Guffy Sarah Guffy on Jan 28, 2018
    Why would I buy jars from Amazon?? Pickle jars, spagitti sauce jars a lot would work.