DIY Beautiful Desk Organizer

Troom Troom
by Troom Troom
10 Materials
60 Minutes
Are you losing your keys all the time? Let’s make a beautiful organizer to keep different stuff.
Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!
We need small cardboard boxes. You can use drug packages.
Decorate them with the scrapbook paper. Use the stationery or white glue. Attach the paper inside. Then outside.
We took the same pattern for the second box that we had used to decorate the book organizer.
Make another element – a note envelope. Take a square piece of the color paper. Fold the diagonal to get a triangle.
Fold the vertex to the base.
Fold the base angle to form an envelope side.
Repeat for the opposite corner.
Fold back the edge of the top corner to form a triangle. Then spread it open into a diamond shaped pocket.
Insert the top flap into the pocket to close the envelope.
We’ll need a pair of bows to embellish the frame.
Fold the ribbon in half and snip off at an angle.
We’ve got a V-cut. Melt the edges.
Make two bows. We’ll need hooks, little clothes pins and embellishments.
We painted the frame in red and covered the center with the white paper. Place the details to make a composition.
Attach the paper elements with the stationery glue.
Use the hot glue gun to attach other details.
The awesome wall holder is ready. Place your pens, markers and pencils in the tall box. Lay the notepad in the smaller pocket. Use the envelope to keep your photos. Or fasten them with the clothes pins. Hang up your keys on the hooks.

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Suggested materials:
  • Wooden frame
  • Hooks
  • Ribbon
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