My Craft Room Storage Problem is Driving Me Up the Wall

Literally! lol. I'm in total craft room reorganization mode, and I'm trying to sneak in some extra storage wherever I can find it in my little 8'x11'room.
So where did I go? Up the wall, of course.
Like always I'm on a tight budget so I was looking to repurpose things.

I started with these binder clip containers that I've been bringing home from work instead of putting them in the recycle bin.
These container have removeable tops and bottoms, and it's very important to not get them mixed up. The tops have a hard rounded inside edge which gives the container some strength even when the lid is off. The bottom of the container is much weaker and gets its strength from being attached to the bottom lid.
To dress up these containers I'm using my new favourite thing.... metal foil duct tape, and some washi tape from my stash.
I cut pieces of the metal duct tape to size and wrapped it around the containers.

To get the distressed look I simply applied one end of the tape and played with the tape slightly, sort of like an accordion, as I made my way around the container.
Once it was applied all around the container I smoothed it down by pressing on both sides of the container at the same time. This does not lose the distressed look, it just smooths down the edges.
Then I just used the washi tapes around the tops and the bottoms.

The bottom tape will make sure that the bottom lid stays on.
When applying the washi tape around the tops make sure it's as flat as possible so the lid will go on without any trouble. If there are any ridges in the tape the lid won't fit and the tape will tear.

Now I needed to find something to hang on the wall to hold my newly dressed up containers.
I remembered that I'd thrifted a tin ceiling tile a couple of years ago so. It's been waiting for a project just like this one. All I did was screw it into the wall right beside my work desk. I did the four corners and the middle of the two sides.
I glued magnets onto the bottoms of the containers, filled them with my bits and pieces, put them in place on my metal ceiling tile, and my wall organizer is done.

I interspersed them with some magnetic spice containers that I thrifted a while back.
This is the perfect spot for this extra storage... with my repurposed Pringles can wine rack organizer, my enamel bowl tiered stand, and my letter holder makeover.
I put a chalkboard label on the one big container just because I had it, but I don't want labels on the rest because I like seeing what's in the containers.

These little containers are perfect for all my bits and pieces, but could also be used in other ways like for sewing notions or scrap booking decorative doodads etc.
Tuula - Color Me Thrifty
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Pg Pg on Jan 24, 2016
    Did you spray paint the tile, or did you find one that shiny?

  • Torchsong Torchsong on Jan 29, 2016
    Very cute, are those big tubes PVC under the faux wood coverings?

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  • Laurie Harry Laurie Harry on Jul 25, 2016
    You are my new hero. I love it. And especially love the pringles cans. I see racks like that at Goodwill all the time. I will pick one up next time for sure.

  • Donna Donna on Nov 25, 2021

    Well, it is nearly 2022, and your awesome ideas are still just that… AWESOME!! 🎉 🎊

    Since I can’t have your craft room, I am going to make mine as close to yours as possible.

    I even love all the fun colors you used, and that ceiling tile with the little containers w photos in their tops. I still can’t comprehend what type of containers it is you used, but hopefully I come up with my own idea.

    Thank you for being my inspiration, Tuula!💞