Organizing a Quilt room from a small room to a bigger room

Sharon B
by Sharon B
I will be setting up a new room in our cellar soon and will post new pics when done, wanted to share with those that enjoy sewing and organizing information that might help others! I surely miss my room but will have a better one this winter!!!!!
Just a peek at the new room.........continue looking and see the old room mature into this nice organized space!!!!!
This is what it looked like to stand in the doorway of the small room, about 9x12, just kept tossing things in because it was so small and could not get organized and not want to even work in there
Trying to get things in order to move into new room
Moving things around to get things to move out and into new room
Able to get to things to move them to the new room
This is my material boards just tossed in the new room because no room in the small room, had to take all of this out to organize new room.........big mess for sure right?????? Wait until you see new room.......keep looking!!!!!
Bedroom painted new color and my new quilt room.....was only using it for storage and was going to make a den but decided I did need a bigger quilt room instead.......
Now, keep in mind.....this is the new room with all storage in it still and had to move all this around and out.....boy, I am tired just telling you all, are you tired yet....ok, keep looking!!!! Will be worth it for sure!!!!!
Moving things out of new room, getting there, hang in there.......
Bringing material from book shelves into new room in order to move the shelves
Bringing in my storage units.....oh, and have to have a TV to watch all the quilt shows and play my taped quilt information......gee, think I will take a break here and watch some TV and have a cup of coffee.....oh, ok.....will wait!!!
Wow, room to start organizing.....told you we would get there.......first bookcase is placed and will work around this and organize.......found it easy to start at one point and work from there..........
Putting up my crates for all my books, bought them at Michaels, they actually are shelves but I am using them this way for books, neat idea....don't you think?????
Ok, here we are, shelves on both sides of window to utilize the room on the wall, I have lots of craft and quilt books, etc. Even one stroke painting books, love to paint too....ok, ok.....move on..organizing my storage
Bought a counter top to go on top of storage, use for painting, etc. and extra space to work in.....also put my shelf over the window and will put things on top of it and hang drapes, never got to do that.......oops......
You can see I hung my peg board to hold rulers, hammers, etc., went and bought a new swivel high chair.......started to fill the book shelves with all the material
Starting to look like I am getting there right???? Some fleece on top of shelves but most in an antique chest ......
Next to bookcases, storage with my stamps, stencils, paint, etc. I also have an antique chest under this storage, three drawers and I keep my fleece, flannel, fur, etc. heavy material in it.
Set my folding table in the middle of the room with my cutting mats and at the end my antique sewing table with bench I got for $20 across the street at a garage sale just before doing the room.......what a buy and so perfect....
Full look of room done, love the layout for sure and plenty of room to move around and everything is so handy....
Last thing, my honey took his grandpas gun cabinet and made me a cabinet for my material, he made shelves and put them in, how sweet to give it up....hehe......looks nice huh and organized for a change, well that was my room!!!!!
Oh, and had to show my helpers thru all of this for sure, Ginger the yellow lab and Gracie the German Short Hair.....looks like they approve of the new room too....what you all think, thank you all for looking!!!!!!!!!
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  • Honour Min Honour Min on Mar 30, 2015
    I'm overwhelmed by your supply inventory. How many quilts could you make with what's at hand? There are so many organizations that would benefit from your skills and supplies like War Amps. Suggest organizing fabric, paint & thread stash by color [dark to light tones] red, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet + neutrals [black, grey, white, beige. Small cuts in repurposed gun cabinet fold side at edge.

  • Sara Crawford Sara Crawford on Mar 22, 2017
    Room looks GREAT,amazing transformation but I have to say the picture of your dogs is a little out of focus you should replace with a nicer one