Quick Attic Craft Room Makeover

by Samantha
3 Materials
4 Days
With our daughter moving out to spread her wings, her room was now vacant............and I won the toss in who gets to utilise the room now. It's perfect for a craft room. Somewhere where I can paint or sew, and if having to get up and go could leave my activity without having to clear it up. After having re-painted the stairs (previous post) I could now tackle the room. I'm generally not fond of dark wood (as you'll see in my lounge suite makeover). The one wall is lined with cupboards and shelving. Ideal for storage, but with it being quite a narrow room, the dark wood made it look very dingy. The easiest option to me was to paint over the wood
I removed the door handles and wiped down the cupboards and shelves to rid of any dust/dirt, and then painted it with a wood primer. I left it to dry overnight.
I painted the cupboards and shelves with aged white, chalk paint. The top I painted yellow lemon rind (chalk paint aswell) which was left over from the lounge suite make over. The shelves I painted with the aged white aswell and then made the inset a different colour.
These are the five pastel colours I used. I sealed everything with a matt waterbased glazecoat. This would just make it easier to wipe down, aswell as protect when taking things off the shelves.
I love the end product. It's so much brighter.
I didn't put the old handles back, instead I found these gorgeous rosebud door knobs. To close the bottom hole I stuck a pink jewel over it.
I had these old tins lying around, so I spraypainted them in these bright colours. not only adding more colour, but more storage aswell.
I sewed offcuts together, left over from the stairs makeover, to re-cover a night light to add to the cottage feel in the now craft room.
I brought an old post office chair up and made scatter cushion cover from the off cuts aswell. I now have a lovely spot to sit at at the window which overlooks the garden. I'm a grade 1 teacher, and with each theme we have a fun day. Even my jungle parrot "feathered wings" have a place now.
The door was looking abit dull, so I wiped it down and taped lines with masking tape.
I used the 5 colours used in the shelves and painted stripes on it. I painted a "twirly" pattern in white over it.
I now have a brighter area to sit and create. I love my new craft room.
We could even fit in a single bed. So if needing an afternoon nap........I'm covered.
We could even fit in a single bed, which is welcome for when we have an overflow of guests. Or that lazy afternoon nap..........................
Suggested materials:
  • Waterbased Glazecoat sealant   (Local builders warehouse)
  • Harlequin Chalk Paint   (Local builders warehouse)
  • Heritage chalk paint   (Craft shop)
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  • Mr ATC Mr ATC on Oct 31, 2022

    beautiful! Do you have a web page?

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