Another Take on Candle Wraps

by Margita
Mary from Vintage Reflections just did a wonderful post on how to transfer images to candles. You can check it out here:
That made me want to share a project I did a while back, but never posted. It is a slightly different process.
First I found a great graphic from ''. I printed the image on a piece of cardstock that I had a covered with contact paper. I let the image dry for a couple of minutes and then laid another piece of clear contact paper, sticky side on top of the printed image. I used a wallpaper seam roller and rolled over the graphic until it was transferred to the top layer. I carefully peeled away the top sheet, that now had the printed image on the sticky side and applied it to the candle, smoothing out any bubbles as I went along.
For this particular projected I used a battery operated candle. But I had also used a regular candle, after I done a burn test on the contact paper. Safety first! The paper just melted and did not catch on fire.
The beauty of using clear contact paper as a candle overlay is that you can use any color candle and it will show through the design.

If you would like more details on the process, just let me know.
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