How to Make Candles

by Sarinasala1
2 Materials
1 Hour
Learn how to make soy wax candles for business or pleasure.These candles make lovely gifts to give to someone special or for birthday or for Christmas.The other day I gave my hairdresser a candle for her birthday,she loved it.
Materials you will need
1) Candle glassware or container
3)Round warning labels
4) Soy wax
5) candle fragrance oil
6)Wax pouring jug
8)Wick holders
9)bamboo stick to stir wax and fragrance
10)Glue gun
How to make
1)Make sure your containers are clean and dry.Firmly secure a wick to the bottom of your glass in the centre.
2)Measure your wax, I use 2 cups of wax which makes 2 candles
3)I recommend using the double boiler method to melt the wax as it is the safest and easiest option.Melt the wax.Wax should reach 82 degrees celsius check your thermometer. Then take off the stove and let wax reach 62 degrees Celsius then add your fragrance oil and keep stiring the wax.This will ensure your whole candle is properly fragranced.Once stirred you can now pour the molten wax slowly into your candle jars.Allow your candles to set and cure.

4)Once candles have completely set you can add the finishing touches.Use Scissors to trim the wick.You can attach your warning labels to the base to ensure users are safe and well aware of any safety recommendation.
Suggested materials:
  • Jars and soy wax and wicks   (Candle supplier)
  • Ribbon   (Craft shop)
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