DIY Soy Candles

by Theartge
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1 Hour

Let's make some soy candles! The basics of candle making plus great tips.

Why soy candles and not paraffin based candles?

Soy burns clean, you are less likely to get soot on your walls.

Soy holds smell a lot better.

Soy is water soluble, and easy to clean off of surfaces unlike paraffin candles.

You will need soy wax, wicks, wick dots, containers, you can actually get kits that have the basics for soy candles on Amazon.

Scoop soy wax, you will want to scoop a pound of wax into a metal bowl.

Make sure to measure the amount of wax, it should be a full pound. A pound will make this easier for oil measurements.

Now measure the oil. This is fragrance oil, there are many type of oils like essential oil, and other oils. You need to make sure the oil is for candle making, most companies will disclose what the oil is best for.

Soy candles can hold up 12% essential oil before they start to separate and not set well. 6% of a premium oil woeks best and doesn't over scent the candle or 1 ounce per pound of wax.

Melt the wax in a boiling pot of water. Place the bowl in, it will float.

Mix the wax as it melts, it should take about 15 minutes to melt fully. The bowl will be hot so please use hand protection.

Container types, DO NOT USE PLASTIC. A frosted glass container is best for soy candles but metal and clear glass work great as well.

Stick down your wicks. Use the wick stickers to place and center your wicks.

Check your wax after it's melted, it should be around 135 before you decide to pour it. If it is hot, it will separate more easily or have bubbles. It just won't look that great once it's cooled.

Remove the bowl from the water, add in your oil, and mix.

Pour your candles, I am using a container with a lip to help me pour.

Use your metal wick holder to place and center the wick. You can use a pencil as well or sticks to hold it in place.

Wait for the candle to set. 24 hours - 2 days usually is best to allow for the oils and wax for fully meld together.

Cut the extra wicks. Use the sides of your container as a guide for how long the wick should be.

Light your candles and enjoy! These candles can also be gifted or placed throughout your home. The video attached has a lot more tips on how to make soy candles. I will have a follow up in the next few days on DIY shell candles.

How to make Soy Candles. The basics before you make other candle related crafts. I will have a follow up video in the next few days on how to make soy shell candles.

Suggested materials:
  • Soy candle making kit   (Amazon)
  • Candle glasses   (Amazon)
  • Candle pouring cup   (Amazon)
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