Spring Update for My Table

Nancy Ludwig
by Nancy Ludwig
4 Materials
20 Minutes
The rain is relentless, so I had to cheer up the house. Created a centerpiece.
Found this nice glass piece at the local thrift store. Purchased some floral stems at the $store. Had a large candle that was a gift, and used my candle ”stick um”. You will need these items and a tablespoon.
With your tablespoon scoop out three large scoops of Candle “stick um” for the glass bowl, this will secure the large candle into the bowl.
My large, three wick, gifted Yankee Candle fits perfectly in the bowl. Without the “stick em“ holding it, the candle jar will slide around. Not safe.
Good fit, no wabbling or moving!
Now using the florals of your choice, grab the portion just below the bloom and push up, it should slide off and stay intact. Repeat this with the leaves. I used two Lily bunches and one baby’s breath bunch.
Place a bloom around the candle, making sure all the petals are facing outward, add a set of the leaves to the side, and continue until you circle the whole candle. I then added a baby's breath above each of the leaves, around and finished by adding leaves from the baby's breath to the arrangement in the sparse spots.
All done. Just be sure if you are going light the candle, that the petals or leaves don’t come into contact with the flames. You can use smaller spots of “stick em” to attach the petals to the outside of the candle jar.
Be creative, have fun, enjoy life!

Please, never leave candles unattended.
Suggested materials:
  • Yankee Candle 3 wick, in glass   (Gift)
  • Large circular, shallow planter bowl   (Thrift Store)
  • Candle “stick um”   (Had it)
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