Christmas Candles, Verry Berry & Pine.

Cumbriacrafts with louise
by Cumbriacrafts with louise
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Hi all.

Do you buy these Airwick candles?

Personally I like the holders an buy these while there only on offer.

So both of these cost £2

I'd used them, it was time to clean out an make a new candle with a fresher odour.

Below are my candles all used an looking very tatty.

For this project.

To clean these pots out,

I placed one at a time in the microwave for 30 secs intervals.

Melting the wax an cleaning with a cotton wool pad.

You will need

(candle wax)

*I used soy 250gms

*Essential Oil (very berry)& pine

*2 candle wicks

*2 wick holders (pencil-pen)

*2 sticky tabs for securing your wicks

*Wax colouring (red&green)

*Saucepan for heating wax up. Similar to heating chocolate

*heatproof jug for wax

I've started using soy a lot.

It's a lot cleaner to burn, no soot no chemicals..

If any health conditions it is much safer plus I do burn a lot of candles.

My soy below

Below is my candle holder clean an preped.

Secure your wick into the centre of your clean jar with your sticky tab

My wick holder is metal.

But you can use a peg or pen

Attach your wick to the sticky tab press firmly securing your wick. place your wick holder into the middle of your jar.

keeping your wick centre

Place boiling water into a saucepan on the cooker on a mid heat.

Add your jug into the water melting your soy as you would melt chocolate.

Once all as melted you can add colour.

I was double layering these so my next mix will be green

I added my (red) colour mixing it well till disolved

I always add my oils at 140f or as low as 135f evan

But never above 140f

It will waste your oils.

*20 drps Very berry

I added it smells beautiful.

Below is the 1st layer made

It needs to settle an cool before you can add another layer or it will sink an create bubbles.

Be patient an leave it for half a hour

You will notice once it as hardened enough.

It turns a lighter colour.

My next soy mix was green I added 5 drops of pine essential Oil.

Now to add my next layer.

My bottom layer looks hard on top.

Pour slowly onto the 1st layer of soy untill you reach the top of your jar

When pouring wax ( soy) please be careful as it's hot.

I placed them in a cool place leaveing to set overnight

The verry berry is beautiful an the mist of pine reminds me of the woods.

Very pleased how these turned out. An look.

When there empty I will just repeat this process. Using different oils.

I bought a big bag of soy the money I've saved by making my own candles is unbelievable.

Health reasons made me turn to soy.

I only buy candles to reuse the candle jar as they cost more on there own!.

So the candles all set

Red an green layerd

Verry berry an pine. There just as nice as when I bought them. An smell lovley.

Below lit up.

Smell lovley

Very easy to make & saves a lot of money plus theres no chemicals that can harm you.

I know this for sure as I made them.

Which is more worthwhile.

They will get used in no time around my house.

Dose anyone buys these air wick candles?

If so do you ever reuse them?

Thank you for reading.

If you try? have fun mixing your oils.

An making delicious delightful uplifting smells.

Suggested materials:
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  • Essential Oil's   (Amazon)
  • Air wick candle   (Asda)
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