A Thanksgiving Centerpieces Using Beans and Candles

Holly Lefevre
by Holly Lefevre
I have used beans for decorating since the late 90's! They are fun, easy inexpensive and versatile. This year I decided to switch it up and try dyeing beans in a some new colors...and love the results. Here I used them in a pretty simple centerpiece for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Every year I like to create a special table for Thanksgiving...even if it is just the 4 of us. I let me kids add their own touches later.
I started a Halloween project using Rit Dye and beans but never posted it...so I tweaked it for Thanksgiving.
I used Lima Beans for their size. I experimented with a couple different colors of dye too. Follow the package directions on the dye. I also used a plastic container, colander and protective gloves. The beans will (May) open up as they dye but personally I loved that effect. After your selected dye time, remove them from the dye and dry them: either leave them out to dry, if it is still warm enough where you live or bake them at 250 for 2+ hours until dry.
I personally love the crazy funky shapes of the beans and the color! See below for a few idea for creating a similar look without having to dye beans!
This is a very simple idea and you can swap out other elements if you do not want to dye beans: popcorn, lentil or other colored beans work!
I used a simple white ceramic tray (Sandra Lee Collection from Sears) and 3 LED Birch Bark Candle I purchased from Home Depot. I typically prefer a real candle but really liked these (and they are safer!)
I placed my beans all around the candles...and it was simply perfectly what I had in mind!
For the Christmas holidays, just swap out the orange beans for kidney beans or cranberries...or dye some more beans in your favorite holiday color!
Holly Lefevre
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