Carved Pumpkin Centerpiece

3 Materials
1 Hour

Make this floral centerpiece using a real or fake carved pumpkin. The pumpkin will be the vase for this arrangement. Make a festive flower arrangement for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Carve the top of your pumpkin off and place a bowl or something waterproof inside. I used an old sour cream container and filled it with water. Then I took some clear tape and made an X over the top of the opening. This will help support the flowers so they don’t sag or droop all over the place.

Next, add some filler to support the flowers and add some greenery. Normally I would use ferns but since I didn’t have any I used cedar branches because I had a ton of those instead. Clip them and place them into the water like I did above.

Now you can begin to add your flowers. Trim off leaves from the bottom of the stems and start placing them in each of the 4 quadrants that you marked off with the tape. I used all white flowers like mums, hydrangea, and snap dragons

Try to add a variety of textures and heights. Fill in any empty spaces with leaves, greenery or more flowers. Rotate your arrangement and view it from all sides to make sure that it looks balanced.

Suggested materials:
  • Faux pumpkin   (Michaels)
  • Tape   (craft store)
  • Flowers   (florist/garden)
Adrienne Carrie Hubbard | Crafty Little Gnome
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