Christmas JOY

by Lsherbach
7 Materials
2 Hours
I have been planning this project for quite some time; but as often happens, real life just gets in the way of my crafting life. believe it or not, this was originally a Spring project.
So I finally gathered all the material I planned on using. and just got to it.
I wanted muted Christmas colors, so I painted my mason jars, cream, sage and country red.
the jars needed two coats, and then I let dry overnight before I sanded them to give them the desired distressed look I was after.
The next step was to paint and string the wood letters that I bought at Hobby Lobby.
I drilled holes in each of the letters to thread the cord thru.
using ordinary cotton cord, I strung the letters so I could hang them from the neck of the mason jars.
since the tray I was planning on using to hold the jars was longer than I really wanted, I decided to mount two pine accents into tiny flower pots (which I ended up painting gold) to take up the excess space between the mason jars. Probably wasn't really necessary; but I think it gives all the parts purpose.
The final addition was the paper handmade hydrangeas that I absolutely LOVE.

Happy crafting everyone!
Suggested materials:
  • Wooden tray with brass handles   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Mason Jars   (Hobby Lobby)
  • JOY letters   (Hobby Lobby)
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