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It is so lovely to get a large bouquet of roses or any other flower for that matter as a gift for Valentine’s Day. But the problem with one large bouquet is that it isn’t very practical to rest on a table for a special romantic Valentine’s dinner at home. The romance is kind of challenged when you can’t see your loved one sitting across the table because of a tall bouquet of roses sitting in the way.
To solve the problem of the too tall floral bouquet I like to split the bouquet apart and create smaller ones to place on the dinner table and/or different areas around the house. Here is a super simple and inexpensive way to create a stunning valentine floral centerpiece for that special Valentine’s dinner.
This floral table centerpiece is made with a smaller vase inside a larger vase. It is the smaller vase that holds the flowers and the larger vase holds the embellishments. By using this smaller vase in a larger vase system the flowers remain moist and the embellishments stay dry. For this bouquet I used a small square vase that I picked up at the dollar store and a large square shaped bowl that I picked up at Wal-Mart.
To make this floral bouquet cut a piece of floral foam to fit the smaller vase. Add water to the vase and let it soak into the foam. Insert enough roses to fit into the smaller vase. Place this vase into the larger container.
Fill the larger vase with embellishments. I used white floral filler and heart embellishments purchased at the dollar store. This little trick makes the floral bouquet look so decorative but it also hides the floral foam, flower stems and smaller vase.
I noticed the smaller vase was still showing so I placed some of the hearts strategically in places so it covered the vase.

Now it is super easy to keep the roses watered and it makes a gorgeous floral table centerpiece for Valentine’s Day!

For more detailed instructions I invite you to visit the blog.

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