Cute Christmas Figurine Ornament (Hello Kitty) Wine Glass Centerpiece

Vivian Siu
by Vivian Siu
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It might be almost New Year's Day but you can still do Christmas crafts. There is nothing wrong with planning for next Christmas. :) I happen to have those Dollar Tree plastic wine glasses in my craft room. I also have a cute Hello Kitty Christmas figurine ornament. Combine the two and you get a cute figurine wine glass centerpiece! If you have too many Christmas figurine ornaments, transform them into adorable wine glass centerpieces! This project is super easy, and you can easily change the theme of the wine glass centerpiece. For instance, if you have a Valentine's Day figurine ornament, you can create a Valentine's day figurine wine glass centerpiece. You may also you use a real wine glass instead of a plastic wine glass.



  • Wine glass (plastic or glass)
  • Adhesive Diamond Wrap
  • Mirror Candle Holder for the base (mine was 4.5 inches). I only had a square mirror candle holder. Next time, I will use a round mirror candle holder.
  • Mini bow
  • Christmas figurine ornament (I used my Hello Kitty figurine ornament)
  • Mini bells
  • LED candle
  • Battery Operated Fairy lights (i used red fairy lights)
  • Scissors (not in this picture)
  • Glue gun (not in this picture)
Figurine ornament and mirror candle holder
  • First, remove the ribbon or hanging hook from the Christmas figurine ornament. Then with the glue gun, glue the Christmas figurine ornament to the center of your mirror candle holder. You do not need to use a mirror candle holder as your base. You may use any firm base that you prefer.
Adhesive Diamond Wrap
  • Next, use scissors to cut one row of the adhesive diamond wrap.
Diamond wrap on the wine glass
  • Remove the adhesive backing from the diamond wrap and place on the top part (near the rim) of the wine glass. If you cut too much adhesive diamond wrap, just trim off the excess with scissors.
LED Candle and Fairy Lights
  • Turn on the LED candle and Battery Operated Fairy Lights.
Placing Fairy Lights
  • Place the fairy lights behind the Christmas figurine ornament. I did not have to tape the fairy lights because the wine glass kept the fairy lights in place.
Wine Glass over Christmas ornament, lights
  • Maintain your hand placement on the fairy lights. With your other hand, turn the wine glass upside down and carefully place over the fairy lights and Christmas figurine ornament. My fairy lights battery compartment was too big to fit inside the wine glass. I just let the fairy lights battery compartment hang out behind the wine glass. If you are not going to switch out your fairy lights, you may glue the wine glass to the mirror candle holder. I like to change my crafts with different lights, so I opted to not glue the wine glass to the mirror candle holder.
Mini Bow
  • Next, place glue on the mini bow.
Mini Bow on the wine glass stem
  • Glue the mini bow to the stem of the wine glass. You may use any type of decorations for the wine stem. The choices are endless! :)
LED Candle on the Wine Glass
  • Place the LED Candle on the foot of the wine glass.
Placing the mini bells
  • Place the mini bells around the bottom part of the LED candle. I did not glue the mini bells on the wine glass, because I might want to remove the mini bells and use a different type of decoration.
The final figurine wine glass centerpiece!

And here is the final figurine wine glass centerpiece!

Cheers! :)

I hope you will make your own figurine wine glass centerpiece. Enjoy! :-D Happy New Year!!! Cheers!!

Suggested materials:
  • Plastic Wine Glass   (Dollar Tree)
  • Adhesive Diamond Wrap   (Dollar Tree)
  • Mirror Candle Holder   (Dollar Tree)
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