DIY Easter Décor & Napkin Rings

Create these cute Easter carrots and Napkin rings with some fun unconventional craft materials.
So this week instead of the drapes I should be sewing for my blank windows, I’m thinking about cute Easter décor carrots. Sorry neighbors, the show must go on for one more week. haha. Anyway, I got a little carried away making burlap carrots, painted carrots, napkin rings, a whimsical center piece, and door wreath. I was basically having fun exploring lots of ideas and one thing led to the other. My favorite was the napkin rings so I will go through the steps to create that for you today.
Let’s Start with The Basic Carrot Shape


◦Foam insulation board

◦Acrylic paint


◦Utility knife

I often use foam insulation board instead of Styrofoam. Foam insulation board can be purchased at your local home improvement store for a fraction of the cost of the Styrofoam you get from the craft store.

I drew on the foam sheet a basic carrot shape and then cut it out with a utility knife. Then I used the knife to trim down the corner edges till the carrot was roughly a rounded carrot shape.
It makes a small mess so if you are sitting on your couch and watching TV at the same time you may want to keep a bucket and vacuum handy. I am not saying that is what I did; I am just saying if someone were to carve carrots in their family room while watching reality TV those items would help. Of course I only work in the most appropriate of places (Honey).
After I had it close to its final shape, I used some sand paper to smooth it a little. It doesn’t take much. Don’t forget to round the top a little. There you have it: a carrot shape. I experimented with lots of sizes. I cut some tiny ones to make into napkin rings and some giant ones to make into a door hanging.
I started by painting my carrots orange first then I went back and used a knife to make indented lines into the foam. This was to help give it some carrot texture.
After I added some texture, I added some yellow and white paint. I mostly added white with just a smidge of yellow. I used more orange paint to blend it together. Brushing the paint in horizontal strokes works well. Sometimes I used a small brush to make some small line strokes but it really didn’t add that much. You don’t need to get detailed, it is going to look like a carrot regardless once you add a green top. I set the carrot on a wire into more of the foam insulation. It helped to set up the carrots to dry. After they were painted, I brushed on some water based poly. Again, probably not necessary but I had it on hand so I used it. (Don’t laugh at my big giant carrot. It has a purpose. The kids said to me this week, “It’s not that we mind this whole blog thing, but why couldn’t it be a food blog? At least then we would have something to eat!” This said from my second son as his hand is firmly shoved down a bag of Doritos. YEP, he went there! That’s ok kid, I can make food. Would you like some carrots?)
Now the Easter Napkin Ring
I took 3 of the small carrots and hot glue them together. Keep in mind that hot glue melts Styrofoam and foam insulation so use it sparingly.
Then, I looped some green tulle and fixed it with hot glue. I did the same with the sheer green ribbon. I glued the tulle and ribbon to the top of the carrots.
I glued a long piece of ribbon to the back of the carrots. Now all that is left to do is to place it on your napkin and wrap the ribbon around the back and back around. Secured it with a bow on the front. Easy breezy. Tuck in your silverware and its ready for your table.
This was a fun little spring project. I hope you will give it a try. Click on the blog link below. I would love to hear what you think. Blessings, Jenny
Paint Yourself a Smile
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Mze381828 Mze381828 on Mar 07, 2016
    Guess I'm not imaginative. Are the carrots flat? Or shaped? They look round.

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Mar 11, 2020

    I just love those carrot napkin holders! Where did you find those adorable bunny plates?

  • Vicki Vicki on Mar 13, 2020

    That is adorable.

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