How To Make A Magnolia Leaf and Cotton Candle Ring In A Jiffy!

by Suzanne
3 Materials
1 Hour
I was at an outdoor market on the coast and saw them making a Magnolia Leaf and Cotton Candle Ring and just had to have one!
FLORAL Base For Candle Ring
You can order these on line but you may be able to find it in a craft or floral store. It is a plastic bottom with a styrofoam ring.
You will need about 100 magnolia leaves. Hopefully you have a tree or know someone who does. I purchased a stem of cotton from a craft store. I already had a battery operated candle.
Adding Leaves
Start by pushing the stems of the leaves in the styrofoam. Arrange them tightly so that the base does not show. Also stagger the leaves from bottom to top or low to high making sure to cover the base. It takes a lot of leaves so just keep going around and around so that it is full.
Cut the cotton bowls off the stem with scissors leaving enough stem to stick into the styrofoam. Arrange the cotton randomly around the ring.
Without Candle
Add the candle in the middle and BEAUTIFUL!!!
Finished Top View
See the finished product on my table below! Keep it watered and it will last a long time! Oh yeah, the styrofoam holds water so water it at least once a week!
Suggested materials:
  • Floral Ring   (On line)
  • Stem of Cotton   (Craft store)
  • Candle   (Already had)
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