It's Fall Ya'll !! Let's Give THANKS for Unicorn SPiT & Dollar Stores

by ZENGARA Designs
3 Materials
2 Hours
I think you will all FALL for this quick, easy, and inexpensive centerpiece project. Rich AUTUMN colors and a warm glow will highlight the Thanksgiving table, or simply add class to your Fall decor !
The dollar store has some pretty classy and cool glassware ! ..I picked up 6 of these wine goblets during my last spree! I had an idea in mind for them...Hope you all like it
I taped off the stem and spray painted the goblet with metallic gold. Unicorn SPiT works well on glass project, and for best results, a base such as spray paint or even Mod Podge should be applied first and allowed to dry completely.
Unicorn SPiT comes concentrated in bottles such as the ones pictured here. It can, however, be diluted with plain water up to 70%, depending on the effect you are wanting to achieve. For this project, I prepared some colors diluted to about 20%. We want the Unicorn SPiT fluid enough to spread easily but thick enough not to run.
Cut a regular plastic grocery bag down each side and lay it flat on your work surface.
Using a syringe, I haphazardly squirted the colors I chose onto the plastic. Reality Daydream, Lemon Kiss, Tuscon, and Wite Ning. There is no rule here, just have fun
Grab your golden goblet, and start rolling it around in your SPiT pit ! If you have spots that didn't cover, pick up the bag, lay it on your bare spots and pull it off ! may get a bit messy, but great news....Unicorn SPiT is a water based, non-toxic product that will wash off easily, and not irritate your skin.
COOL, RIGHT ??? ...The colors blend well, and yet manage to keep their individual integrity within the design.
Each section is a little different. and no two will ever be exactly alike ! ...Please allow your Unicorn SPiT to dry completely. due to the consistency and layered colors, this may take an hour or two. When dry, your Unicorn SP;iTwill appear dull and slightly chalky looking.
When completely dry, brush on an oil based glossy sealer such as Helmsman SPAR gloss Urethane. Remember....Unicorn SPiT is water based, and must be sealed with an oil based sealer to avoid the reactivation of the dry SPiT, and the colors appearing muddy and overworked.
While I was roaming around the dollar store, I picked up some beautiful FAUX{plastic..haha} foliage and some Autumn inspired embellishments.
I am dangerous with a hot glue gun, and honestly, do not own one...however, hot glue would work for this next step. I used some E6000 glue instead to fashion some leaves and embellishments to the base of our golden goblet.... looks so festive !!, and costs like next to nothing !!
Seriously, who wouldn't want to add these to their Holiday table, or anywhere in your home as seasonal decor !! ??
2 for $1 !!!! ...I picked up little battery tea lights in the dollar store to drop in for an amazing amber glow. Real candles can be substituted for the battery tea lights. ...But look how awesome just a little light looks ? ....I have curious kitties ,and a flickering flame grabs their attention every time. Play it safe if you have little paws or hands around your table !
I told you, you'd FALL for these warm, glowy, Autumn inspired centerpieces !
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT   (
  • Wine glass, battery tea lights, plastic leaves   (Dollar Tree)
  • Metallic gold spray paint, E6000 glue   (Walmart)
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  • Haw1123750 Haw1123750 on Sep 21, 2016
    Can u drink out of these

  • Carla Carla on Dec 27, 2016
    Hi! The painted glasses are beautiful. Since you have experience with Unicorn Spit, I have a question. I am wanting to use this type of painting technique on the glass bell globes of a dining room chandelier . Any idea on how this will hold up to any heat produced from the led light bulbs? Thanks and again Beautiful job!

  • Bke8199058 Bke8199058 on Oct 11, 2017
    Do you use the paint and plastic for just one glass each? Or, do you start over for each glass or item?

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  • Marj Marj on Sep 26, 2016
    Gorgeous!! The Unicorn Spit is a bit pricey for me, but I love them!!

  • Maureen Maureen on Oct 04, 2016
    Very cute...good use of a wine glass.. rather than to use it to drink wine:-)))