Paint Some Watermelon Napkins!

An hour of your time, and voilà! a fun party decor, something cute to set a summer table with, to give as a housewarming present, shower gift and more.
 Watermelon Painted Napkins Craft Directions:

• Lay down some cardboard or other protective material on your work surface.

• Take a dry sponge, and using a permanent marker, mark the flesh of the watermelon and the rind on the sponge. You are just drawing lines so when you cut out your sponge, it resembles a cut piece of watermelon in shape.

• This tutorial cuts a little bite into the watermelon. That is totally optional.

• Wet the sponge and squeeze out all excess water.

• Cut out the watermelon stamp along the lines you drew.
• Mix the paint and your acrylic medium in the ratios listed.

• Layer a corner of your napkin onto the cardboard.

• Paint mixed light green and pink onto the sponge and press it paint side down onto the napkin.

• Let the paint dry.

• Add accent paint with your dark green and black paints. To make it look even more like a watermelon, seeds were painted onto the sponged watermelon that is painted on the napkin.

• Also added were yellow dots around one-half of the napkins, but not the other half. This was to make the designs similar for each napkin, but not exactly the same. You, of course, may wish to make yellow paint dots all over your napkin, or not make any yellow dots at all.

• Let the paint dry at least two hours.

• Place your napkins into a clothes dryer and dry on high heat for one hour. This will set the paint and allow you to wash the napkins after use without ruining the design. You can also iron the back of the design to set it if you do not want to risk paint in your dryer. (However, these did not leave any paint behind in the dryer.)
• This Painted Napkins Craft is an easy, fun craft to make. For complete details, click the link to my blog (below)
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