Stunning Fall Centerpiece for Under $10

Kara S.
by Kara S.
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30 Minutes
In preparation for the fall holidays, I was determined to create a centerpiece mainly using things I already had around my apartment. Now that it's officially fall, I wanted to give this piece it a thanksgiving-esk look.
What I found around my apartment were baskets, (3 in various sizes) oranges, and a candle. I had to buy a bail of straw, pinecones, and fresh & fake greenery. Of course if you live in a more rural area then NYC you could go outback and find these things in nature. The final materials are a piece of floral foam, a dowel and hot glue.
I started by securing the foam onto the biggest, bottom basket with hot glue. Next, I inserted the down into the center of the foam. (I would suggest measuring and cutting the dowel to the size of the 3 baskets stacked high)
Next I began to fill the first basket with straw. I made sure to pack the basket full to create a sturdy base for the next layer. I then stacked the middle basket making sure to thread the dowel through the center of the basket weave. This will help to keep the basket from falling off in the next steps. I continued filling and stacking until I had 3 full, stacked baskets.
Now comes the fun part! Here is where you get creative. I started adding the simpler greens, like eucalyptus to my piece as well as mixing real and fake sprays.
Once my baskets were full of greens, I decided to add a scented element. I chose oranges, but you could use mini pumpkins, gourds or corn - get festive! I wanted to secure the oranges to the basket so I decided to stick them with skewers. However, you could also opt for hot glue here.
I then finished off the basket with a few more fresh elements like lavender, marigolds and pinecones. Lastly, add your candle to the top basket, flameless or in glass.
Now all that's left is to enjoy the fruits of your labor! The great thing about this project is it's completely customizable. You could change up the straw for stuffing and the marigolds for evergreen and boom - it's now a Christmas centerpiece. The possibilities are endless and your guests will be wow-ed for seasons to come!
Suggested materials:
  • 3 Baskets
  • Floral Foam   (Michael's)
  • Small Dowel   (Michael's)
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  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Sep 28, 2016
    I love what you did and your creativity using items from around your home. I have nothing but can go to Joann fabric. So my question is weird I will say that, is your sofa velvet and if so where did you get it? Told you but it's beautiful.

  • Patty Patty on Sep 30, 2016
    How long did the oranges and marigolds stay fresh? Beautiful job!

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