Recycled Flower Vase

by Estelle
5 Materials
1 Hour
Make 2 useful things with one throw-away flower vase.
Nothing big this time around guys.... Just a little something that took me about an hour to do.

I picked up this chipped glass flower vase from a flea market the other day. I just new it could become something, but I was not quite sure what yet.

I asked hubby to cut it in two separate pieces for me.

Here you can see I put a piece of oxygen tubing over the edge of the large one. It has quite a sharp edge because of the cutting. I did not worry about the other one's edge, because this is the part that's going to get glued.

I sprayed both of them silver, because I had two silver coloured plates I wanted to use them with.
After the paint has dried completely, I tried out different kinds of plates to see which ones I like best.

Here I tried two flat ones, but then decided to go with one flat and on deeper one that I had. I then glued it onto the two pieces of vase and left to dry.
I glued some blue glass pebbles onto the plates...and I was finished.

This is the deeper one.
This is what the flat plate looks like.

It's ideal for biscuits, cupcakes, or any other kinds of snacks and looks much nicer than just an ordinary plate.
When I don't use them for something, they also make nice ornaments.

And they don't have to be stuck in a cupboard somewhere, so they're always ready for use.

Suggested materials:
  • Two plates   (had them in my cupboardGen)
  • Old glass flower vase   (flea market)
  • Genkem Glue   (Had it in my craft room)
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