10 Favorite Easter Table Tips

Setting an AMAZING springtime-inspired table can be done easily!! It can...I promise... Use these 10 simple table decor tips to decorate your way to a stunning table. Extra photos and a bonus "extra" tip are available on the blog: Blue Ribbon Kitchen, listed at the bottom of this post.
To get started... use what you already have on hand, before running out to purchase new. Sometimes taking a look around the house, reveals a collection of things that can easily be re-purposed for a great table setting. Think about planters, plastic eggs, cake plates, large bowls, mason jars... just a few foundation pieces you might be overlooking...
Tip 1: Use a tablecloth.

It might seem obvious, but adding this simple step creates a great starting place and adds a nice touch...making the holiday table fancier than 'everyday'. I like to use neutrals without a busy pattern, think creams or white, pastels.

No table cloth?? No problem.

Visit a fabric store and use a cutting of wide enough fabric as a tablecloth stand-in. Remember to check out the clearance aisle too... sometime you can happen on wide-width decorator fabrics for a deal!

Use a table Runner. It's a great way to add depth and anchor the table. It also creates a focal point for your flowers or other seasonal display.

**Measure the table before shopping, so you know how much fabric to buy. ;)
Tip 2: Add Fresh Flowers... & Vegetables too...really.

Yes, adding fresh flowers is a great way to create a charming table. It can be a few, like in the above photos, or one large centerpiece. Keep the colors complimentary for best results.
Veggies??...On the buffet, I added an inexpensive fresh Napa cabbage tied with a ribbon...a cute springtime touch that made the table bright...and I could use the cabbage after the party...bonus! A bunch of fresh carrots with green tops left on, is another super cute decor option... tie them with a bow... Cute!!
Tip 3: Layering.

By adding a table cloth, runner, plates, napkins and table decorations, it creates interest and detail.

(Much more on this topic at the blog post...listed below)
Tip 4 & 5: Neutral Plates and Napkins

If you are going to invest in plates...Choosing timeless neutral (cream and white plates) is a fantastic idea. White and cream plates are light and bright and neutral, adding ANY color as an accent to future table settings is EASY. Neutral plates open the door to a wide variety of decorating options...unlike patterns and other colors, that tie the table settings into one color scheme....forever...

Napkins... For a special occasion, I love a cloth napkin...But if it's to fussy or not your thing...no worries... There is no shortage of fun, festive and charming paper napkins available at most stores.
Tip 6: Color

When putting together a table, stick to one color scheme that makes sense for the time of year... Here I used pinks, yellows and accented with light blue mason jars and drinking glasses. (More info about this on the blog below)
Tip 7: Add Ons.

I love to add little bits of interest, ceramic chicks, small votive candles, Easter figurines... a few well placed seasonal items can add charm to a table setting. Painted eggs scattered around are cute too. (Less is more...don't add so many trinkets that eating becomes uncomfortable)
Tip 8: Place cards and Menus.

These don't have to be fancy...but place cards and menus go a long way in making guests feel welcome. (More about this on the blog)
Tip 9: Height.

Make sure your centerpiece is not too low...but also not too high. Sit at the table and make sure you can easily see the guests without anything too large obstructing your view. If you happen to use a cake plate to give height and then add a vase...sometimes the flowers can tower above... Consider using clear shot glasses, julep cups or other small containers create different "not-too-high" heights.
Tip 10: Try new things.

Don't be afraid to take a fashion risk with your table... Do something different than you would normally do. Use a clean watering can as a centerpiece... Try using all vintage pieces, use metallics as an accent...Change things up in a new way.

Doing a kids table?? Think about adding an unexpected element or two. Our kids LOVE (--as in they talk about it all year long... these rainbow jello parfaits) It's often the littlest things that make the biggest impact. Truly.
I hope this was helpful...There is an EXTRA...(and possibly my favorite) Tip #11 on the blog listed below... At Blue Ribbon Kitchen blog, find further details and a few more photos and inspiration from our past Easter celebrations. Thanks for stopping by!!
Karri @ Blue Ribbon Kitchen
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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