An Inexpensive Garage Find Makes Halloween Fun for the Little One

Arlie W
by Arlie W
I saw a Hometalk post showing ceramic houses painted white...gave me an idea for Halloween. When I saw a decorative 3 story birdhouse at a garage sale for 50 cents, I could not pass up my idea.
Yeah, there is lots going on here and maybe a little overkill but oh well, little kids won't mind. I already had all the little Halloween items, so why not.
When it is dark and all the lights are lit up and blinking, it is really cool. The white skeleton peaking out from the back left actually makes spooky sounds. Not very loud, but maybe a few more with the sound might make it more noticeable. It is actually a pen.
The bird house was just decorative and never used for actual birds. When found at the sale, I could just imagine all kinds of little creatures at each of the openings. It was a shabby looking pink, yellow and white. I liked the shabby look but knew I had to paint it white for Halloween.
I saw on Hometalk that someone used this Krylon Chalky Finish white paint. It was difficult to find at hardware stores because not everyone carries Krylon, but I did find it at a large craft store chain. I can tell you though, for the money, just using a flat white paint would work just as well and less expensive.
Luckily only needed one coat of paint. Looks pretty plain like this, but the fun was about to begin. A glue gun, some Halloween goodies (Halloween party favors) and some spare time was all that I needed to complete the project.
I probably didn't spend more than $20 at the party store. I bought flashing pumpkin and skull rings, plastic bats, spiders, nubby creatures, heads on springs, a skull pen that lit up that makes noises and then a little bracelet loaded with different colored ceramic skulls. There was a large bag of goodies which contained flexible skeletons, that I really hoped to have, but it was a bit more costly. Maybe next year as I still have some items left over from this project. Next year maybe a different theme. I made sure all the lighted ones had easy access on/off switches after they would glued on. They all have either steady blinking, strobe or constant lights. I cut off anything that would prevent a good contact with the glue. No issues doing this. I also bought 4 little battery operated tea lights that have an orange color to them, which worked out perfectly. Those too were inexpensive. Any Halloween light would work though.
I just put as many cute little characters as I could hanging out the openings.
Plenty of spiders in different sizes, so I just positioned them anywhere there was an open area.
Yes, there was plenty.
My grand daughter was excited to see the decorated house and started grabbing at some of the items. She is strong and removed the front pumpkin on the porch that lights up, but that's fine....I just reattached after she left. With all the pumpkins everywhere, she started to say "pump" cute. She enjoyed it and I enjoyed making it. Maybe I can make a Christmas house with Santa and all. If I'm lucky there will be some that light up. I will be on the lookout for some more decorative birdhouses. I will be checking out all the second hand facilities.
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  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Nov 10, 2015
    This is SO cute! Saving for next Halloween! You're so creative - I'd love to see what you're doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  • Arlie W Arlie W on Nov 11, 2015
    Thanks....she was still enjoying it for a week after Halloween. I just put it away yesterday. There is a back door that she loved opening and closing to get the lights out. I definitely will be trying to make a Christmas house. I better start looking now.