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My daughter wanted an Avenger's themed birthday party and her favorite Avenger is Captain America. She asked her guests to come dressed as their favorite Avenger so that meant I had to come up with something for her to wear too, which ended up being a Captain America Tutu. After the tutu was created I was left with quite a bit of tulle and the inspiration struck me to create a Captain America wreath for her bedroom! Below are the steps in that process. It was very inexpensive and turned out really cute! I used the online coupons from Hobby Lobby for the tulle & the patch. The hula hoop came for the dollar store and I had the other supplies already on hand.
The Captian America Tutu.
This is a picture she took of herself wearing the Captain America Tutu that I made. Not only is it great for parties but we participate in a lot of 5k's and other events where she can wear this again and again.
Cut the tulle into 10" sections.
Start by using small rolls of tulle and cutting the tulle into approximately 10" strips. Here the red, white & blue tulle are all cut and ready to go onto the next step.
Small child's hula hoop.
I was able to find a small child sized hula hoop at one of our local Dollar stores ~ it works perfectly for this!
Start tying on the tulle.
Next is just to start tying the tulle onto the hula hoop. All you need to do here is fold the 10" section of tulle in half with the "u" shaped end behind the hula hoop, on the inside of the hoop. Next you take the two free ends of the tulle and bring them over the top of the hula hoop, pull them through the "u" and back up behind the hula hoop. This will fasten them onto the hoop and both free ends will be extending away from the hoop.
Just keep adding more tulle.
From here you just keep repeating that same process until all of the hula hoop is covered!
Here the hula hoop is covered by the tulle.
Here is a picture of the hula hoop completely covered in tulle.
Adding the Captain America Patch.
I found this awesome Captain America patch @ Hobby Lobby ~ it works perfectly for this project! I used my crop-o-dile to pierce the fabric of the patch and insert red grommets. I then used clear nylon that I had on hand for beading/jewelry projects to run through the grommets and over the hoop, tying the nylon in a knot. This holds the patch in place suspended in the middle of the hoop. The knotted nylon ends literally disappear within all the fluff of the tulle.
The finished Captain America wreath.
Viola ~ the finished Captain America wreath for her room. Super fluffy and fun.
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  • Laura Bolea Laura Bolea on May 13, 2016
    I love this! I would love to make a similar tutu for my daughter for her birthday. Do you have a tutorial I that posted somewhere?

  • Jade Jade on May 13, 2016
    How wide are the tulle strips

  • Diane Sell Bezeau Diane Sell Bezeau on May 14, 2016
    How did you do the fluffing of the tulle? I love this idea.

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  • L Dub L Dub on May 16, 2016

  • Phyllis Phyllis on Mar 25, 2019

    My younger grandsons and I are totally into superheros.( I want my own superhero) Captain America is the favorite. They will love this wreath! Thanks for the great idea!