Barn Wood Colonial Flag

by Diane
We began with old barn wood! SO many things that can be created with wood, screws, sweat and paint!
Finished Product!!
We took some old wood removed from a barn and cut the pieces in three feet lengths. (Any size will work). We then laid out enough boards to make a two foot width thus it became a 2' X 3' platform. We then screwed all the boards onto three support boards on the back to give it support and hold it together.
Support boards on back
Then I sanded an sanded! Lots of splinters from years in the weather!

I decided to make a Colonial Flag because you don't see many of those anymore plus 13 stars is easier to do than 50! The Colonial Flags had 13 stars and 13 stripes to represent the original 13 colonies!

I then drew my template and began to paint! FUN FUN :)
I used Frog Tape to mark my lines!
​Basically, we evenly divided the boards to make 13 stripes and then drew the lines. I used frog tape and blocked off each area to paint!
White stripes!
The stars were another deal!! While at "Joanne's Fabric" store this past week, I came across some cute balsam wood stars in three different sizes! I had already thought painting stars would be difficult so, viola, dilemma solved!

I laid out thirteen stars and spray painted them white a day before I used them for the flag. For the flag, I just formed a circle with them inside the blue square and then used wood glue to adhere them!
Stars are glueing!!
I then just proceeded to tape and paint carefully until the flag was complete!

To make it weatherproof, I sprayed "Spar Urethane" on it. This protects the paint and wood from sun and rain.

Now I have a Flag to hang from the side of our garage or fence! PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!
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