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There’s nothing better than a themed New Year’s party – especially when you can DIY everything… on the cheap! I’ve included a few projects in this post, so you can pick and choose which project will fit your party – or do them all!
Even if your party isn’t a black tie event, doesn’t mean your dinnerware and place settings have to be casual! This little "Bow Tie Napkin" project is an easy way to dress up any table setting. What you’ll need:
- Black Paper Napkins

- Ribbon

- Glue Gun

Start with a black napkin. Party City has literally EVERY color of plates, napkins, cups, you name it. So if you don’t have any black napkins laying around, just head over to Party City (or order on Amazon) and pick up a pack for not too much money.
Fold it in half.
Take the ends of the napkin on each side and fold them up to the top crease. Then take the ends and fold them down one more time, kind of like an accordion, but continue pinching the folds in the middle only.
Then, all that’s left to do is wrap a ribbon around the middle of the bow tie, and hot glue the end down so it stays.
Then put them on your guests' plate! The guests can just slide their ribbon off, or you can have scissors handy and just cut everyone’s ribbon when it’s time to eat.
To find out how to make these festive drink stirrers, get this "Midnight Kisses" free printable, and see more New Year's Eve DIYs be sure to click the link below!
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