DIY Repurposed Witch Hat

5 Materials
35 Minutes
I will show you how to turn and ordinary Dollar Tree witch hat into a beautiful witch hat that you can add to your door. This project is simple and anyone can make it.
Step 1: Watch the video :)

Unravel the garland and take off the signs from hat. I do NOT remove the black string. Keep this to hang your hat.

Add 6 inch mesh around the top of the hat, then cut 6 inch mesh into 10 inch strips (you will need 30 of these strips) Make your strips into bow ties and add two bow ties to one pipe cleaner. Tie the pipe cleaner to the brim of the hat. You will do this step 15 times.
Add A bow and embellishments and hang that witch hat on the door. You are FINISHED!
Here's a tutorial on how I did it. Enjoy
Suggested materials:
  • Witch Hat   (Dollar Tree)
  • Pipe Cleaner (Cut 8 in half)   (Dollar Tree)
  • 5 rolls of 6 inch Mesh (15 ft per roll)   (Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Any Craft Store)
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