DIY Scary Ravens Wreath for Halloween

5 Materials
60 Minutes
This is a very easy wreath to make for Halloween. It takes little time and everything used was purchased on sale. It's so real and scary looking!
You will need a grapevine wreath. I happened to buy this black one that was marked down 50%. If you buy a natural color grapevine, you'll want to spray it black. I found these great loose and flowing black flowers and knew they would be perfect in this wreath, along with 3 crows or ravens.
You'll start by deciding where you want your ravens to go, and then start cutting the stems of the black leaves and work them into the grapevine.
I found the grapevine was very tightly woven and for the most part, I could just stick the stem in far enough where it was tight and stayed put. If the stem went into a lose spot, bring it through and try to bend it and put under another vine, as shown above with the arrows.
I put the first raven in the wreath at the upper right so it would look down upon the other two ravens. These ravens all have a looped wire by their feet. Just insert the wire into the grapevine. I used black wire to wire it into the wreath; but before wiring it, make sure it's exactly where you want the bird to be looking.
Then wire the last two crows in on the bottom of the wreath.
I used an over-the-door wreath hanger that we already had, but I wanted it to look nice. I had this pretty purple ribbon that I decided to cover the hanger with, but it couldn't go over the top. So I ran it from the top back and around to the front, using a hot glue gun.
Gluing the back of the hanger went well. On the front side of the hanger, I folded the top of the ribbon and tried gluing it to the front; but lesson learned, it can only be glued at the top where it was folder or it will pull away. If you look closely to the inside of the ribbon and hanger and you'll see the dried glue pulling away.
This is the finished wreath!
Suggested materials:
  • Grapevine wreath, preferably black   (Michael's)
  • 3 crows or ravens   (Michael's)
  • 3 bundles of black flowing leaves   (Michael's)
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