DIY Valentines Decor Tutorial

6 Materials
20 Minutes
This DIY frame is the perfect Valentine's Day DIY, but its not just great for a Valentine's craft its perfect for weddings, bridal showers, even baby showers or just a beautiful reminder to leave up all year round. All the materials you need to create this DIY Valentine's Decor project are available in a Home Made Luxe Project Kit.


1. Start by cleaning the glass in the frame (Windex works well). Let dry. Take a hard card (like a credit card)  and rub it over the surface of the decal.
2. Slowly start peeling the paper away from the clear transfer paper with saying on it. If decal starts coming off with the paper rub the spot again with the card.
3. Once the decal is on the clear transfer paper. Carefully place on outside of glass and rub with card to adhere the saying to the glass.
4. Pull up the transfer paper slowly, rubbing saying with card as needed to adhere to glass.
5. Turn frame over and remove the matting from the frame. Pour hearts and sequins inside of the glass.
6. Arrange them at the bottom of the frame being sure not to place too any directly behind the words. Make sure sequins are placed in upside down.
7. Cut your cardstock to the same size as paper from frame. Place your cut cardstock, pink side down on top of the hearts and sequins.
8. Replace paper, matting and back to frame. Enjoy your gorgeous DIY Art piece.
Suggested materials:
  • Wooded Matted Frame
  • Wood Hearts
  • Gold Sequins
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