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Donna Powell
by Donna Powell
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Did you know Dollar Tree is selling bags of premade pom poms this year?

Neither did I.

For just $3.00 for a bag of 24 premade pom poms, I was able to create this adorable pom pom wreath with the perfect colors of Fall and Halloween vibes in just 30 minutes. Much less time than if I had made almost 100 pom poms myself.

Last year I purchased a package of pom pom makers from Amazon. Just because I wanted them and I have used them for some great projects, so they were definitely worth the money. That doesn’t mean I was going to pass up on a steal of a deal at Dollar Tree on some great looking premade pom poms when I found them!

Honestly, I figured up the cost and just buying four different colored skeins of acrylic yarn would have cost me more than the four packages of premade pom poms. Not to mention how I would have had to spend hours making almost a hundred pom poms for the wreath.

Don’t you just love these color combinations as well? Perfect for a colorful Halloween or Fall themed wreath that can be quickly made while binge watching one episode on Netflix. Whatever you may be binge watching these days.

Also purchased on this same shopping trip for this wreath was a wire wreath form, black velvet ribbon, black burlap ribbon, and black pipe cleaners.

From experience I have learned that attaching pom poms, pine cones, or even Christmas ornaments to a wire wreath form is not easy and can be a bit stressful.

So to start your wreath, simply wrap the wire wreath form with the black burlap as a rougher base to attach the pom poms to with hot glue. Problem solved! Wrap a black pipe cleaner around the outer edge of the wire wreath form for the hanger as well.

Heat up your hot glue gun and then just add on the pom poms around the wire frame however you like with a dab of hot glue on each pom pom.

The pom pom colors are so whimsical that you can have a bit of fun with this wreath. Before I even started gluing on the pom poms, I laid some of them out in a random pattern and a striped pattern just so I could see what each would look like. Obviously I chose the random pattern for this wreath.

Usually I don’t put a bow on my pom pom wreaths, but for this one the velvet ribbon was a great addition to the Halloween theme.

To make the bow for this wreath, I pulled out one of my favorite crafting tools, the EZ Bow Maker Deluxe, and made a small four loop bow using the black velvet ribbon. The velvet ribbon wasn’t wired so I had to make the bow much smaller than I normally would have for a wreath as well.

Before attaching the black bow to the bottom of the wreath, I just felt like this wreath needed something more to make it more like Halloween and spooky.

Something to give it even more charm.

What it needed was a pom pom spider!

Another quick trip to Dollar Tree and I had a bag of googly eyes in my hands. Because of course a pom pom spider isn’t complete without googly eyes.

If you have never made a pom pom spider before, it is actually very simple. Cut two black pipe cleaners in half to make four shorter pieces for the legs.

Twist the pipe cleaners together in the middle to secure them together. Add a dab of hot glue and stick the four pipe cleaner legs to the bottom of the pom pom.

I used a leftover black pom pom from the Dollar Tree purchase that didn’t have a long string with it from the middle tie off.

So I had to tie some black yarn around it to hang it. If I had made the black pom pom myself, I would have just left the middle tie off string intact and cut it much longer.

Flipping the wreath over, I tied the long piece of black yarn to the pipe cleaner hanger at the top of the wreath.

The last two steps were to hot glue on the googly eyes to the pom pom spider and attach the velvet ribbon bow.

Making a Halloween themed wreath is not something I usually make. Especially now that my kid’s are grown and out of the house.

For several years I have been making a Fall wreath that I usually leave up until Thanksgiving, then switch over to a Christmas wreath or Winter wreath.

So this was something new and fun to make for a change.

And it is so adorable!

Suggested materials:
  • Premade Pom Poms in Fall Colors   (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Burlap Ribbon   (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Pipe Cleaners   (Dollar tree)
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