Magic Feed for Reduced Flowers. Easter Bouque Cost 10p

Cumbriacrafts with louise
by Cumbriacrafts with louise
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Hello everyone!

I was in our local asda. I picked these flowers up for 10p. Reduced

They were some that were a little floppy, not worth saving. But they weren't all for the bin.

Flowers are below an my vase I intend on using

As you can see the rose is not good.

An a few more look tatty.

I start by dividing all the flowers in to colours.

Putting the dead or floppy ones to the side.

Below is my magic feed I will give these hungry flowers

Now this lemonade will be my magic feed for flowers.

Making them last much longer

I no they will last untill easter Sunday.

I put 125ml of lemonade into my vase an fill to the level with filtered water like below

Time to make the flowers look good.

I start by chopping the bottoms

Each stem i cut with scissors on a angle like below.

This will help the flower last longer.

As these were reduced they have been sitting in water a while in the shop and are becoming to rot.

So snipping those bits of and any other dead flower and leaves works wonders in helping the best survive.

Just remove dead or floppy flowers.

Remove the ones that look tatty

Much better.

Now with the rest of your flowers do the same.

Snip the bottoms and dead bits.

I start by adding my colour.

Purple an white seems to be the main colour.

I add them one at a time

Filling the vase

I wrote on the vase with a sharpie

(Happy easter)

I can wipe it of very easy with isopropyl alcohol.

I fill all my vase up utill looking full.

Adding them all nicely into the vase they are looking nice

Below is the dead fall from the flowers I took from them.

So if you walk past flowers in the supermarket an there reduced pick them up an revive them with lemonade an TLC.

It works wonders

All done.

I do like these and they are still smelling fresh.

These will go into my lounge window.

As my easter flowers.

I could not leave these in the shop only paying 10p reduced.

I smile.

Thinking they would be in the bin now.

If I never saved them.

They look beautiful. I will add more water an lemonade as they need it.

When one flower dies I will snip it of with a pair of scissors.

Making them last even longer.

Happy Easter to you all.

Thank you for reading

Suggested materials:
  • Bunch of reduced Flowers   (Asda)
  • White vase   (Home)
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