EASY Halloween Wreath...and Cheap Too!!

by Mary
3 Materials
1 Hour

I am NOT a crafty or creative person...but, I occasionally have an idea and I run with it! I wanted to make a Halloween wreath for my friend’s birthday. I went through my “I wish I was creative” box and found a few things that I thought would make a decent wreath for a gift.

A few items from my “box”.

I did get a couple of things from the Dollar Store. Pumpkins 🎃

Very cool black butterflies.

My glue gun skills are limited, so I use floral push-pins.

I had a couple of rolls of ribbon leftover from last year.

Foam wreath.

Start wrapping all the way around foam wreath with a base color of ribbon.

Then, I covered that with a bright orange color of ribbon.

All done...now start adding my Dollar Store pumpkins and black butterflies...

I did in fact use my glue gun to put the pumpkins on the inner part of the wreath. I hot glued the butterflies on the wreath. Note... I don’t normally put things so perfectly in an order, but my friend prefers her things that way...and it was her birthday! Stay tuned for my next project with my “I wish I was creative” box!! Thank you!!!

Suggested materials:
  • Foam wreath   (Dollar Store)
  • Pumpkins/Black Butterflies   (Dollar Store)
  • Floral push-pins, ribbons, glue gun   (Leftover craft materials)
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