Easy Peasy Fun Halloween Art

Karen Roland
by Karen Roland
With some spare cabinet doors and paint, fun Halloween paintings can be done by anyone if you are not SCARED of getting a little messy!
Dancing skeleton outlined with Sharpie.
Using a permanent marker-I outline my design on an old wood cabinet door. The orange is latex so it drys fast so you can get to the fun sooner.
Black silhouette with shiny black enamel.
With black enamel paint I fill in the figure. Don't worry about getting it perfect or about dribbles.
With a stick dipped in the black enamel, sling and splatter paint. There is no wrong way. Think of arterial blood spatter-just kidding! When I display this, the skeleton will be standing.
Cats, bats, things that go bump in the night.
For the cat, I first painted the surface white (water-base paint dries quicker) then added a square of orange where the eyes should be. Paint in the outline and around the eyes with black paint then splatter away. It's fun and forgiving but messy so work outside and on cardboard.
Here a murder of crows circles menacingly on two boards designed to hang together. Plenty of scary silhouettes to be found on the internet if you need inspiration.
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