Egg Candles

Sue Purdy
by Sue Purdy
I love candles, and the wonderful ambient glow they emit. Inspired by one of natures most appealing shapes, I decided to try my hand at making candles using empty egg shells, and I’m thrilled with the end result.
Here are the finished candles. For my first attempt at candle making, I think they are perfect. lol.
I started off with poking a hole in the top of my eggs using a knife. I discovered that a screw driver worked better towards the end, but anything will work that makes a hole in the top. I then poured out the egg white and yolk, and rinsed them out. I let these dry all day.
I picked up some candle wax at Michaels, which is specifically designed for pouring into molds. I’m not sure if I could use any old candle and melt it down. I may try that next time, since the candle wax was $11.99. A tad pricey for my blood, but I figured I should use the proper materials for my first time. I melted the wax in a rinsed out fruit salad tin. It acted as a double boiler. You can also see my little spout I formed, which was handy when it came to pouring the wax.
Once the wax had melted, I used an over mitt to hold the can, and I carefully poured it into my egg shell molds.
Here is a close up of the wax, once it began to set (about 5-10 min). For the wick, I used white birthday candles.
I simply inserted the birthday candle into the wax once it began to harden a little.
I put my eggs in the fridge for about an hour, and then I just peeled the egg shell off.
Here is a close up of my completed candles. Only four of them made it, as I had to scrap one of them, since the wax was sticking to the inside of the shell too much.
I had to melt a bit of the wax on top, to get them to light properly, but once that was done, they were totally fine.
I used a knife to flatten out the bottom, to make them stand up straight.
That it for my how-to on making egg candles. I am super stoked to be using these as Easter decor this year, and I plan on making a bunch more for next year.

Happy Easter All!!!!! Check out my blog for more Easter decor ideas.
Sue Purdy
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  • Kim Browning Barnett Kim Browning Barnett on Apr 01, 2018

    Do you think if you sprayed cooking spray inside the eggs the she'll might not stick when it's finished? People that make things from concrete pour motor oil into their molds to keep from sticking. So why not? 😊

  • Betsy L. Rudo Betsy L. Rudo on Oct 27, 2018

    Did you dye the wax while it was melting or after you made the eggs?

  • Lisbon Lion 67 Lisbon Lion 67 on Sep 03, 2020

    Hi Sue, have you thought of making "different colour eggs" by Adding "Food Colouring" to the Wax, you most probably have, it's a "Great Idea", I Luv them and think they are "Kool".

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