Group C Wins 3rd Coin Toss: Follow-Up Halloween Decor (Part 3 of 4)

Happy Plush Animal Day (10-27) and welcome to part three of four re my series where I am following up on Halloween decor using a cast of characters that I first introduced here on HT @

As you may know, in part one of this follow-up series (@ I mentioned that GROUP A (the group that was featured this past Saturday, 10-26-13) had won a second coin toss, allowing them to be discussed in that HT post. Moreover, that group was thrilled to learn that their feature story fell on the same day as National Pumpkin Day!

However, today's group (GROUP C), who have won the third coin toss, is equally thrilled about debuting as their feature story is falling on the same day as Plush Animal Day (and a representative of plushes can be seen in the first image of today's HT entry).*

And although none of the figurines visiting me for Halloween are plush, they are aware that plush figures raise awareness about figurines in general, for they know that figurines of any type add ambience to a living space.

But the figurines I have been speaking about in this series are Halloween themed figurines, and although I have already shown a group photograph of them in my previous posts here on HT re this subject, I am including the same images (picture number two and three) in this entry for easy reference. GROUP C, the focus of today's entry, can be found at the lower right hand corner of image two and are the subject of image three.

However, as of this posting they have made their way into my succulent garden, where Mr. Moon-In-The-Man** has given them a warm welcome as you might surmise from the fourth image of this entry.

In this particular image, the resident musician*** (upper right) is nearly off camera but if pictures actually spoke a thousand words, you would hear him sing! Below him, from left to right, Ms. Cob, a cat with a bat, and Ms. Skeptic **** can be seen. Each of them are featured in detail in images five through seventeen respectively. You may have noticed that Ms. Skeptic's garden-themed solo photo-op is from bygone years; she would not allow a 2013 photo-op as her role as emcee from bygone years was given over to Mr. Moon-In-The-Man!

Be that as it may, The Boy with the Lantern has also been visiting since 2011 and he can be seen in detail (images eighteen through twenty), and in this year's visit he can be seen to the left of Mr. Moon-In-The-Man (image twenty-one) in a photo-op where he shares the spotlight with the candy corn fraternal twins who can be seen in the foreground of the image. Their photo-ops can be found in images twenty-two through thirty-one.

This brings me to the conclusion of part three (of four) re my follow-up series where I'm covering the antics of my Halloween visitors. Before I sign off, on this Plush Animal Day, I want to acknowledge the good work of Cam, the cardinal who visits my terrace garden. Cam is a familiar face to TLLG's HT community and she can be seen in image thirty-two of this entry.

Not only does Cam bring pleasure to my garden with her song, and not only is she a good mother to Vincenzo (as evidenced in image thirty-three and thirty-four), but she has started a women's support group for female birds, as they are not represented in many bird figurines, a fact you might surmise from images thirty-five and thirty-six.

So, that's it for now, dear reader. I hope you will join me tomorrow for my conclusion of this series when I discuss the antics of GROUP D (image thirty-seven).

* INFO @
** INFO @
*** INFO @
**** INFO @
This image was featured with an announcement re bird's rights @
This mage was initially featured here on HT and is now included in one of my PINTEREST BOARDS @
This mage was initially featured here on HT and is now included in one of my PINTEREST BOARDS @
Partial View of GROUP D enjoying my succulent garden under the loving eyes of Mr. Moon-In-The-Man.
Ready for her garden-themed close-up: Ms. Cob in my succulent garden!
Ms. Kitty Cat AND Her Bat VIEW ONE
Ms. Kitty Cat AND Her Bat VIEW TWO
Ms. Kitty Cat AND Her Bat VIEW THREE
Ready for her garden-themed close-up: Ms. Kitty Cat AND Her Bat in my succulent garden!
Ms. Skeptic VIEW ONE
Ms. Skeptic VIEW THREE
Ms. Skeptic VIEW TWO
Ms. Skeptic (as she appeared in 2011) would not pose for a 2013 in the garden photo-op. She's still miffed that mr. Moon-In-The Man and not herself is the emcee!
The Boy with the Lantern VIEW ONE
The Boy with the Lantern VIEW TWO
The Boy with the Lantern VIEW THREE
The Boy With The Lantern (upper right) has been visiting my succulent garden since 2011!
Candy-Corn Gal View One
Candy-Corn Gal View Four
Candy-Corn Gal View Two
Candy-Corn Gal ViewThree
Candy-Corn Gal: Ready for her garden-themed close-up
Candy-Corn Boy View One
Candy-Corn Boy View Two
Candy-Corn Boy View Three
Candy-Corn Boy View Four
Candy-Corn Boy: Ready for his garden-themed close-up
This image of Cam was featured on TLLG's FB Page @
This image of Cam about to feed her son, Vincenzo, appeared on TLLG's FB Page @
This image of Cam watching out over her son, Vincenzo, was included in TLLG's post on Blogger @
As seen on TLLG's FB Page @
This image was included in a post on TLLG's Blogger Pages @
GROUP D to be discussed in my last episode of this series. This group shot was first featured here on HT and is on one of my PINTEREST BOARDS @
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