Halloween Costume Recycled!

Cindy Darsey Chadwell
by Cindy Darsey Chadwell
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Old Halloween costume updated to Halloween wreath! My daughter outgrew her cat costume from last year, I put so much time into making it, I didn’t want it just packed away so I decided to reuse it and this is what I came up with. (Please forgive the picture, I always forget to take photos as I go along)
I started this project by snipping the waste band on the tutu from las years costumes and tying it to a metal wreath frame. I then added tulle Left over from making the tutu to fill any bald spots. I won’t lie, this seemed to take forever but it was definitely quicker than starting from scratch.
this costume is what kicked off the project. As cute as she was as a kitty the costume no longer fit and was just hanging in her dress up closet.
I used extra tulle to tie the tutu to this wreath form and added in extra tulle to fill in any bald spots.
After adding all the tulle needed to make a full fluffy wreath, I added in purple and orange glitter ribbon. I cut it in lengths of 4-6 “
and hot glued it to the wreath form and tulle. Using a low heat glue gun helped to make sure nothing melted.
I bought this guy for another project but he wouldn’t light up so in he went because let’s be honest, I’m probably not going to take the time to turn it on every night. I again used my hot glue gun and glued him right to the tulle and the wreath form.
After putting it all together I decided that it still needed something. Luckily my daughter really likes craft time and we always have supplies on hand. I raided her stash of pom poms and and glued them to the tulle in a sporadic pattern. It it was a fun easy craft to do and gave me a Halloween wreath to boot!
Suggested materials:
  • Wire wreath form   (Dollar Tree)
  • Tulle   (Left over from last years costume)
  • Glitter Pom Poms   (Dollar Tree)
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