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Maude  LaFountain
by Maude LaFountain
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We all know that Halloween is just around the corner...Well I decided to get a jump on making my decorations that I will be using for my Halloween Party .These are some of the bottles that I used .the big bottles are Wine bottles that my sister gave to me and the small ones are from the syrup that I put in my coffee...Been saving those for a while because I knew that I could use them for some kind of craft. all materials used for this project I already had on hand ...so this didn't cost me any extra to make
I first cleaned all the bottles and removed the labels on them ...that wasn't to bad because the only bottles I had to remove the labels from were the big bottles...because I already had taken the labels off the small ones as I emptied them and washed them to store in my craft room.
This is what the bottles looked like before I took the labels off except the one on the left ...as you can see there is 1 large bottle that is frosted ...its a Abor Mist Wine bottle and they are always that way ...anyway I used that one for a different project that I will add a picture of at the end of this post so that ya'll can see ...
These are the spray paints I used on the bottles first...then after they dried some of them were used with my Unicorn Spit Gel / Stain ...Love that stuff Not sure why my picture of the spray paint I used didn't show up ....sorry

These are the big Bottles painted with the spray paint ...
These are the small bottles painted with the spray paint
Then I printed out some Potion Labels and mod podged them onto the bottles then I took some Poly and put that on them ..
These are the big ones done and I wrapped twine around the corks on these...the bottle on the left was done with Unicorn Spit ..
Here are 7 of the small bottles after that were done with the Unicorn Spit and the labels put on them then Oil Based Poly ..always use Oil Based Poly with Unicorn Spit .
Here is one picture of my Display !
And now the last display ...not sure which one I want to use ...
Now here is a picture of the Abor Mist bottles I was talking about ...
This is the last of the bottles... I am working on some hanging Bats from Craft Foam and then some Eyeballs made from Ping Pong Balls ...I think my Party Room is gonna look Awesome ...don't ya'll think so ?
Not sure which of these displays I want to use for the party !!!

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  • Marge Marge on Oct 08, 2017
    Love the Arbor Mist bottles too, what did you use for the labels?

  • Phyllis Phyllis on Oct 09, 2017
    The bottles look great,thank you for sharing. Where did you find he labels? Thanks!
    (definitely, purple)

  • Sue28039999 Sue28039999 on Oct 10, 2017
    Prefer the purple. As long as you don't have any liquid in them someone might actually drink, perhaps you could leave a few out of your larger display and "hide" them among other decorations?

    Also, if you're looking for a last minute filler for one bottle ... as a child, I recall having seen spaghetti noodles used as worms.

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  • Elaine Elaine on Oct 29, 2017
    I’m sure your party will be lots of fun. Re display, I think one or two bottles laying on their side (caps off) plus a wine glass (on its side) would “loosen it up a tad” and look as though a witch has actually sampled a bottle. If you aren’t a pet owner or have very young children, a fun thing to do is to scatter some bones here and there. Yes, real bones! :)

    If you buy a whole chicken or a deli chicken for dinner some night, wash the leg bones well (bleach them if you wish), dry them and then scatter them on the table. It’s great fun but again, don’t do this if you have pets or young children.

    For inspiration, check out the blog: “The Art of Doing Stuff”. She made a mini wreath of chicken bones and sat it atop a faux skull.

  • Maude  LaFountain Maude LaFountain on Oct 29, 2017
    Wow thanks for the input on the bones I will have to remember that next year ...My party was a Success !!!!