Halloween Diaper Bike

Mickey Baron
by Mickey Baron
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Someones getting the BIGGEST treat for Halloween.. A BABY BOY...I made a diaper bike for their shower...
Items needed... 2 bibs, 2 pkgs. of 40, . Sz.3, =18 to 23 pounds, diapers. Baby booties, Curling ribbon, 3 receiving blankets, 1 baby bottle, 1 Teddy Bear, 1 pr. of baby shoes, 1 baby wash cloth,1 Empty paper towel roll, 2 Empty toilet paper rolls, rubber bands. HINT: Shop the dollar store for smaller items.
Wheels, I use a frying pan to line my diapers up in a roll, side by side, adding 25 diapers to each wheel, inserting the tp roll in the middle, securing it with a rubber band. A strip of wide ribbon around the wheel, hides the rubber band. You will make 3 wheels. And take out the tp rolls from 2.
Rolling the receiving blanket tightly & firmly in a long strip, I use a pair of hemostats, to pull it through the paper towel roll. This is the back AXLE for the bike, so 2 wheels will be on here.
Forming the bike.... The 2 rear wheels will be on the AXLE (paper towel roll) The Front wheel still has the tp roll in it holding it all steady. Then secure this TIGHTLY with a rubber band. You will not see it, it will be tucked in, hiding in the front tp roll.
Handle Bars...Take another receiving blanket, rolling it firmly & tightly, Add it into the front diaper near the axle. Lay the bib (fender) over the front wheel. Wrap the washcloth around the bottle & set it onto the top of the bib on top of the front wheel. That's your headlight. Pull your receiving blanket up over it all & secure it in place with a rubber band. The nipple will be cradled into the seat of the bike. I add the last receiving blanket in there, cradled on the rear axle, for the bear to sit on.
Details Details...Nows the fun part. The booties slide easily over the end of the receiving blanket to form the handle grips. Add ribbon accordingly, You have your bike made. Just sit the bear in his seat...
I love MUMMY n MUMMY loves ME...You can dress your bear in anything you wish..He's ready to ride into the shower...
Use the second bib for the rear fender, I use the biggest one back there, it hides the Axel from view.....Awww..Grandmas lil pumpkin!
I even added a mask, it IS a Halloween baby after all.
He's just the HIT of the shower! Happy Halloween!

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Suggested materials:
  • 2 baby bibs, 1 pkgs. 40 count, sz. 3 disposable diapers, 3 receiving blankets, 3 tp rolls, 1 paper towel roll, 1 baby bottle, 1 baby washcloth, rubber bands, ribbon,   (Dollar Stores)
  • Bear, baby shoes, 1 pr. baby booties
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  • Princess Princess on Oct 20, 2017
    its so adorbs! but did it really cost $3000? thats the price at the top

  • Sma24975250 Sma24975250 on Oct 20, 2017
    you must have chan it. Eyesight golden

  • Rita Chawla Rita Chawla on Jan 07, 2018
    Where can I get the sweater for the Bear?

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  • Jeanine Galvan Jeanine Galvan on Nov 12, 2017
    will pink and blue stereotypes ever evolve in identifying OUR baby's? peace

  • Josephine Elliott Josephine Elliott on Jan 13, 2018
    Yes !!! Am expecting my first great grandbaby. Boy in March. Would love to make foe her shower.

    • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Jan 14, 2018
      Congrats! Check out my board here on Hometalk, or my Done n Done board on Pinterest. There are many other versions of this. And you CAN DO IT!